I love coming up with new ideas for homemade and thoughtful gifts. As I was looking through Pinterest a while ago I kept coming across decorated mason jars and origami hearts. As I thought about it I came up with the idea to combine the two and make a jar full of love to show our Valentine’s how much they mean to us. How sweet is that? To have a jar on your desk filled with hearts to remind you how much you’re loved by someone the whole year through. I know I would love to get something like that.

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You will need:

  • Paper*
  • Scissors
  • Small jar
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

* ideally origami paper is the best, but normal coloured paper will work just as well.


1 – Measure your paper into strips that are roughly 1” by 6”. If you have a paper cutter it makes this job a whole lot faster.

2 – To make the heart get your strip and fold one corner down to make a triangle.

3 – Keep folding the triangle over until you are left with a flap, if the flap is too large trim it down to fit.

4 – Tuck the flap into the side of the heart, there should be an opening that it fits into. If there isn’t a slot then slightly unfold the triangle until you see one.

5 – Now you have a triangle push down in the middle of the longest side and pinch the two sides so it makes some “ears”.

6 – Trim the ‘ears’ off and you should be left with a heart shape.

Keep repeating until the jar is full.

Both EC and YC found it tricky to fold it precisely, but after a few goes they did get the idea and soon flew through their hearts.  The squashing and cutting off the “ears” was much easier for them.  Although it was a harder task for them, both were still eager to have ago especially YC who just loved folding the paper over and over.

EC getting the hang of folding it over and over on itself.

EC getting the hang of folding it over and over on itself.

YC cutting the "ears" off of her heart.

YC cutting the “ears” off of her heart.

Pin for later:

A Jar full of love - a sweet Valentine's gift made of origami hearts to remind someone how much you love them.

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