Another fun and easy phonics game for children. One of the big parts of learning to read is being able to identify the sounds that make up words, i.e. being able to identify that chair starts with a “ch” sound. This game is based around this concept.

You will need:

  • Stop watch

Pick a sound and then send your little ones around the house to find items that begin with the sound.

I gave YC a minute to find as many items that she could, to save me from having to shout around the house to tell her that her time was up, I put my watch on her and set the stopwatch for a minute.

For each right item that she brought back she got a point; if she brought one back that didn’t start with that sound she lost the point.

YC's finds.

YC’s finds.

Although YC was doing this just by herself, it would be a great game as a competition; the person with the most points wins. You could also make it slightly harder by getting them to find objects that END in a particular sound.

YC loved this game as it got her up and away from sitting at a table; she kept saying “just one more round Knita”. Seeing as each round only lasts 1 minute you can do a lot in just a short amount of time.

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A minute to win it sound search game. Send children off to find objects that begin with a certain sound. It is fun way to practice phonics and getting children ready to read.