The day after the Easter holidays started, I noticed three little bumps on my son’s forehead before bedtime. At the time I thought it was a graze, but when I went into his room the following morning, the little leopard unmistakably had Chickenpox. Our dear Dr popped over to give the patient a once over and told us a little about the subject, which I’d long since forgotten.

Chickenpox is most contagious two days before the spots appear, so he must have picked it up at nursery. The spots are extremely contagious, and once they appear they fill with a liquid before scabbing over and falling off. I’m told they’re contagious up to six days after the last spot appears. These spots have no remorse, and appear everywhere from the eyelids to the lips, tongue and soles of the feet. My poor little monkey was literally covered.

There are so many old wives tales and people tell you what worked for them and that’s exactly what I’m about to do!

I bought an Aloe Vera plant from a local nursery and kept it well watered. Each morning I broke a piece off and used the gel inside to dab on each spot. This, teamed with 2.5 mls of Piraton (which tastes revolting) really seemed to soothe and stop the itching. At nighttime, out came the old fashioned Calamine lotion with its familiar pink liquid, which I dabbed on each spot to help dry them out. I found my son loved counting with me. I kept an eye on his temperature throughout, which tended to rise towards the end of the day. A good mix of Calpol and Nurofen soon took care of that.

Almost three weeks later and apart from three angry looking marks, it hardly left a trace, and he’s happier than ever. On the other hand, my daughter, who’s 15 months younger broke out in spots, covering her body, three days ago.

This time, we were in the country and saw a different Dr. I’m always over precautions, especially when it comes to rashes. He ridiculed my using Aloe and instead left us with a tube of Aqueous and Calamine. I was dubious because my way seemed to have worked so well with my son but I did as I was told and rubbed in in to the little red dots. I have to say, I’m impressed! It goes on easily and the spots have almost dried up!

They’re both almost back to normal just in time for nursery next week! Let’s just hope they’re not in the small minority who get it more than once!

For more information the NHS has got a really informative page about Chickenpox and the dangers of it during pregnancy.