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Living / 21 November, 2018 / Ellie Thompson

A Review of The Armadillo Twin Folding Pushchair

If you’re preparing for twins, or indeed, a second arrival close enough to your first, you might be on the look-out for a double or a twin pushchair. We take a look at popular parenting brand Mamas & Papas’ double, The Armadillo Twin.

Side-by-side pushchair

The Armadillo Twin is a side-by-side double pushchair offering a spacious and comfortable ride for both little ones. As you would expect from Mamas & Papas this is a pushchair of excellent quality. The pushchair’s chassis and upholstery look incredibly smart in Black Jack.

The Armadillo Twin is suitable from birth. Both seats and accompanying leg rests are able to be adjusted independently of each other. This is my favourite attribute – being able to allow your newborn to sleep, while your toddler takes in the world from a seated position. It’s worth noting that the seat’s most vertical position is still fairly reclined, so might not be ideal if your older child prefers to be completely upright.

The buggy’s boasts two beautifully large UPF 50 hoods, that also work independently of each other. The pushchair’s seats are forward facing, but both hoods have a magnetic window, so you can see what’s going on.

Easy-to-fold, slim design

The pushchair’s single handle bar ensures full control over the buggy, and despite being a spacious and comfortable double pushchair, the Armadillo Twin’s slim design fits through standard doorways with ease. It’s a fairly compact double pushchair, and while predictably on the heavy side with precious cargo are onboard, it’s extremely easy to collapse in seconds with its one-handed fold.



The Armadillo Twin pushchair is not short on storage. There’s plenty of basket space underneath both seats which means they’ll less for you to carry – a huge thumbs up!


The Armadillo Twin retails at a very reasonable £399. Being compact and easy to fold, it’s an incredibly manageable double. As with all side by side pushchairs there will always be those annoying doorways you can’t go through, but that said, this is a double that will get you out and about with ease.

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