simple flower circuit mother's day card

Blogger / 21 March, 2022 / Nanny Anita

A Simple Flower Circuit Mother’s Day Card

Even though Mothering Sunday is really late this year, I feel that it has snuck up on us.  EC and YC have now gotten to the age that they either buy a card, forget to do anything (even with me reminding them), or make their own.  Thankfully, I have BB who wanted to make a card with me.  We went with a simple flower circuit Mother’s Day card.

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To make your own simple flower circuit Mother’s Day card you will need:

  • Card
  • Coloured paper or card stock
  • Cell battery
  • Egg carton
  • Copper tape
  • LED light
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

I will first say that you can make these cards without turning it into a simple circuit.  So, if you have young ones, then simple miss out the steps that make the circuit.

First cut out everything that you will need to make the flower.  That would be a flower shape cut out.  Our flowers were 6 petal ones.  That way we could cut between two petals into the centre.  It gave the flower more of a 3D shape.  Cut the top of one points in an egg carton and paint it. Then make your stem and leaves.  If you aren’t making it into a circuit then you can stick these parts onto your card and you will have a lovely flower.

If you are making the circuit then you will need an extra strip of card stock that it slightly wider than the copper tape.

simple flower circuit mother's day card

Split open the ends of the light and using the copper tape stick one side down.

Then stick more copper tape coming from the other arm of the light.  But this time it needs to wrap around the other side of the paper and back around the bottom.  Make sure you leave a gap between the ends of the two pieces of copper.  Run your thumb over the copper tape to make sure that it is completely smooth.

simple flower circuit mother's day card

Place your cell battery at the end of the first piece of tape, and slightly folding the bottom of the paper so that it folds over on top of the battery to complete the circuit.  You may need to play around with it a bit.  I had to turn my battery over.  On this one so that the negative side was facing upwards.  On BB’s one he had the positive side up.  If it is still not working, then give the light a little wiggle and make sure that the tape is totally flat.

Once it is all working tape your battery into place.  Then tape your circuit to the card.  I kept making sure it was still working (I don’t completely trust my circuit making abilities.  Physics was not my strong point in science).

simple flower circuit mother's day card

Tape your green stem over the top of your circuit to hide it.  Make sure you don’t tape it over the battery end though.  You need this to be loose so that when you push down on it, the light will light up.  Glue the leave to the stem over the battery.

Make a hole the middle of your flower egg carton, then place it over the light.

Hopefully, those instructions aren’t too difficult to follow.

Wishing all the Mums out there a very happy and peaceful Mothering Sunday/ Mother’s Day.

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Turn a flower card into a simple flower circuit mother's day card. Simple science for kids.

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