I can hardly believe that my little boy turned 4 this week. One of his best friends at school shares the same special day, so we decided, after much deliberation, to throw the ultimate superheroes party.

With a class of 20, and with their siblings invited, this little get together soon turned out to be a party for over 40 children. The horror of organising this at home sparked the idea of holding it at my photography studio. This turned out to be a very good idea indeed. I called on my buddies from Sharky and George to help with the entertainment, which couldn’t have been better. Good old-fashioned games with lots of space to run around, teamed with colouring-in wallpaper, and great music made for a pretty good party.

The food was incredible, and hit just the right note, with a mix of mini batman burgers, jelly, and delicious cake.

I asked the lovely Clare Lumley to make the ultimate superhero cake, with not a touch of marzipan in sight. A delicious Victoria sponge disguised as a superhero treat which hit the nail on the head.

My old friend Sarah from Toadstool Parties agreed to set the tables for the full amount, tying a single masked balloon on each chair. Her help, as always, finished off the look, with a last touch of an old-fashioned popcorn maker, an old Batman movie projected onto the studio’s cove, and various other props that my long suffering studio manager found in the basement from old photo shoots.

We all had a great time, and suffice to say the birthday boy slept pretty well that night!