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Keeping your baby or toddler occupied in London is very easy!  Everywhere you look there are classes from massage to yoga to French lessons and gardening! It’s quite literally mind-boggling!

Below are some ideas that I hope you find helpful.

Museums.  There are many free museums, which are great for rainy days, and The Science Museum has a basement with soft play for children of a very early age and a great water play for the older ones.  All children love it here.  If you don’t like big groups, try not to go after school when it’s extremely popular.  My son loves The Natural History Museum and would go every day if he could.  I would always suggest as with all activities, to check out their website before so that you can plan your trip.

The Army Museum.  This is not free, but not expensive. At £2.50 a session it’s worth every penny.  You can also buy season tickets. They have a sweet little gallery, a cafe and a wonderful soft play area.  They have hourly slots all day and it’s best to go early as they run out fast.  I either go along for 9.30am and wait outside if I want the early slot, or buy a ticket for a later slot in the day and come back.

Gardens and Parks.  London has the most wonderful parks dotted all around and many have playgrounds.  The Princess of Wales Memorial Playground is amazing in the summer.  The Chelsea Physic Garden isn’t free but has great events for children throughout the year.  

Zoos.  These are great in the summer.  I like Regent’s Park and Battersea. Battersea is better for shorter outings.

Peter Jones.  The top floor of Peter Jones on Sloane Square is wonderful.  It has a great view of London and is very child friendly with ideal food and snacks. 

Daylesford Organic often do children’s activities and have full lists on their website. My favourite is pumpkin carving.

Pottery Cafe This is great for presents. Children can paint their own piece and have it fired.  Cool for baby hand and foot prints too.

Classes.  There are numerous classes in London for children.  Their objective is to stimulate your babies/children and get them used to interacting with other babies/children their own age.  It’s also a great way of meeting other mothers.  My personal favourites are Monkey Music and Gymboree, where I took mine from 3 months.  I also love Budokwai for all ages.  Swimming is another popular one and it’s best to find one locally.  Why not ask friends where they go?

Members Clubs.  There has been a great influx over the years of clubs where you pay an annual subscription and can take your babies and children to play. Maggie and Rose were the early adaptors and have the most brilliant club in Kensington. Husbands love it too and can be found on the weekend reading the papers in their cafe upstairs. Cupcake has a couple of clubs in Putney and Parsons Green.  They offer a service to families and women from the moment they fall pregnant with all sorts of antenatal and postnatal classes as well as children’s ones. Purple Dragon started with a club in Battersea and has since turned it into a nursery and opened a gigantic members’ club in Chelsea. It’s a child’s dream but is incredibly expensive.  It does have a pool onsite though and good food!

If you’re still stuck for things to do, buy Usborne Spotter’s cards, ’50 Things to spot in London’ on Amazon.  It’s filled with facts about London’s landmarks and tells you how to get to each one.


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