Crispy fish is always a bit of a favourite in the ‘little peoples’ kitchen. Be it coated in Panko breadcrumbs, oatmeal, polenta or nuts, as long as it has been ‘crisped up’ my little loves wolf it down. Always fearful that I will end up in a rut cooking for the younger generation I have been playing around as to what one can ‘crumb’ and get away with. So having branched out from classic flat fish I have taken a particular liking to using mackerel. Mackerel coated in polenta and almonds seems to have been a bit of a hit, served with a some homemade beetroot and tomato ketchup it was virtually inhaled. These fish fingers are really easy to make, packed full of omega 3 fatty acids, what’s not to like?


Serves 4 children

  • 1 Fresh mackerel (ask your fishmonger to fillet it)
  • 40gm polenta
  • 40gm of flaked almonds


Put the almonds in a magimix and whizz until you have a medium fine crumb. Mix with the polenta.

Check the mackerel for bones and pull any random ones out with tweezers. Cut the fish into finger size pieces, I keep the skin on but you could remove it, push the polenta and almond mix firmly around  the fish fingers and set aside until you want to cook it.

Splash a little rapeseed oil, or light olive oil in a frying pan and gently cook the fingers till crisped up and golden.

Serve with beetroot and tomato sauce or a little ketchup, mashed potato and peas!