My son has just started learning the alphabet at kindergarten and I wanted to try some fun alphabet activities at home. I had lots of egg cartons lying around, so I decided to make use of them.

For younger children, pick six letters and write one letter in each egg cup. Write the same  corresponding letters on plain ping pong balls, one letter on each.

Mix the balls up in a bowl, and let the child select balls one by one, then help them match the letters on the balls to the letters in the egg cups.

For older children, I would do the entire alphabet. Again, write a letter on each ping pong ball, and then give each child their own egg carton. Let them choose 2 three-letter words (such as ‘dog’, or ‘cat’) and write one on each row of the cartoon.

Let the umpire mix the ping pong balls in a bowl and select the balls one by one while shouting out the letter and holding it up for everyone to see. If the child has that letter in their egg cup, they must put up their hand and whoever fills their carton first, wins!