As a mural artists it’s always good to know the subject matter that I’m painting. It’s important for me to know characters and get a feel for their personalities and the world that they live in. Luckily for me, Frozen is one of my favourite Disney films, so I’ve seen it many times! It may be a reason why my Frozen murals have been so well appreciated.

The characters, colours and overall look of the film are great and this leads to very exciting & tasteful bedroom murals. From dramatic snow peaked mountains to cute, lovable faces, it’s a feast for the eyes with plenty of subject matter to draw upon.

The look of the animation is stunning, although this style of modern CGI with all it’s shading & textures can be tricky to replicate with paint onto walls. I spend a lot of time blending colours to achieve the right look and luckily for me my style of painting lends well to animated films like Frozen. It’s always handy to have a few different styles of painting up your sleeve!

For a special finishing touch you can add white glitter to a mixture of water and PVA glue, then paint a layer of it onto Olaf. This will give him an extra magical look and feel! You could even add some onto areas of snow in the foreground and to snowy tree tops, so that it looks like the snow is glistening in the sun!

The Mural Pictures Explained:

Anna is a great character to paint. Her face has some detail, as do her boots & dress, but the rest of her is simple block colour with just a little shading.

If I’m painting a mural from a pre-existing image, then I try to choose an image that has a good composition. Otherwise I’ll edit 2 or 3 images together to get a composition that I’m happy with.


Olaf is so much fun to paint! He’s very simple to draw & a good character to begin with if you’re not the best of artist!


I didn’t paint the background in too much detail . Sometimes you can get great results from simple shapes & a bit of shading.


I always take time when designing the composition of my murals. I designed this Frozen one to have a main focal point & some depth in the background.


If possible I use stronger & brighter colours in the foreground, which helps makes characters like Kristoff stand out.



I painted Kristoff in simple, flat colours using 3 coats of paint. Any less coats may leave the paint looking patchy & unprofessional.


I kept the colour palette to cool blues for this mural. Too many colours on a wall can sometimes leave a room looking messy & cluttered.

10547479_10152568823646085_8230686213962085904_n (1)

I love Olaf’s expression here! I try to give my characters good facial expressions or poses. It really helps to bring them to life.


All the gang together!


1Profile pic 3


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