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Amy Neville On Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Becoming A Mother And Why She Loves Her New Stokke Xplory X

Amy Neville is a model of over 13 years, fashion blogger and influencer. Amy’s travelled around the world representing top brands, including her own collections, in campaigns, collaborations and on billboards. She is currently pregnant with her first baby, due soon, and has been refreshingly open and honest not only about her difficulties with getting pregnant but with the trials and challenges she has faced during her pregnancy. Since becoming pregnant she has been on a mission raising awareness for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), which she and her mother experienced throughout pregnancy.

You’re expecting your first baby in the summer. Tell us about the challenges you’ve encountered during your pregnancy so far.

I am expecting in July and during the first three months of my pregnancy, I was hospitalised with HG sickness which was quite depressing and a low point for me. I was unable to work this whole time and lost a stone from being sick more than 20 times a day, unable to keep food or water down. It really was such a hard time for me as I love to be busy and work so I found this extremely testing. My sickness got so bad I even considered not going ahead with the pregnancy because I didn’t think I would be able to cope. Now I am almost 30 weeks and I am still sick a few times a week but nowhere compared to how it was at the beginning. It’s been hard because suffering from HG, it has taken the fun out of most of what should be an amazing, miracle of an experience.

What’s been your favourite part of pregnancy so far?

Finding out I was having a girl was my highlight, I was over the moon. I made it clear to my boyfriend I definitely wanted a little girl (no pressure), and it’s always been my dream to have a daughter. Also feeling her kick makes the whole experience feel so real.

How has lockdown impacted your pregnancy?

I have actually been thankful for it in some ways because over Christmas I was just so unwell and in January too so I think it took the pressure off me having to socialise a lot. I felt everyone else was in the same position having to relax at home. I am thankful that we are out of lockdown now though, so I can enjoy seeing friends and family before she finally arrives.


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Tell us what your lives will look like once your baby is born – your plan is to keep modelling and travelling, how do you think things might have to change?

I am adamant I want to be a working mum. I am aware the first few months are tough and I will probably take this time off from shoots. It’s the unknown and you just don’t know how your baby will sleep and how you might feel etc. I want to continue to work, but of course, she will be my priority. I am lucky too that I run my own diary so I can choose when I want to work. To begin with, I will have my mum two days a week then a nanny or a good nursery one day a week to help me. I am not scared to admit that I will be getting help.

Investing in a stroller is a huge purchase for new parents. Why do you love your Stokke Xplory X?

I love that the Stokke Xplory X has a carrycot and can be used from birth, it’s going to be perfect for me travelling and heading into London. I didn’t want something heavy and chunky so this is just ideal.

We are planning to travel to Italy and Dubai while she is still young, providing covid restrictions allow travel and this is going to be the perfect pram for that. It’s super easy to manoeuvre and collapse.

Stokke® Xplory® X Rich Black

What’s your biggest worry about becoming a new mother?

I think the change and juggling it all. I am always super-busy but I have a lot of energy and I am quite a hyper person so I feel that I will have the energy I need for her to get everything done and be a good, fun mum. It’s scary being a first-time mum but I try not to listen too much to others and just go into the process with a positive approach.

What one piece of advice would you give to other expectant parents

I would personally say to think of it as a positive experience and don’t listen too much to others, parenting is all about doing it your way, there is no rule book.

How are you staying active, and how has pregnancy changed your usual regimes?

I am back shooting 3-4 days a week now, it keeps me super-busy. I am going on lots of walks. I never sit still, it’s just not my character to relax, but being pregnant I definitely notice I get way more tired.

I have had to change my beauty regime to include a lot more simple products. I am using epiderm moisturiser as my skin is so dry at the moment. I was super-worried about getting acne as I have experienced it badly in the past but thankfully my skin hasn’t broken out much. I am also using shower/bath products from My Little Coco ‘Rochelle Hume’s’ brand which is safe for use during pregnancy.



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