Night Nannies was set up in 1999 by Anastasia Baker and there are now over 200 professional nannies working across the south of England and elsewhere helping newborn babies to develop good sleep routines.  We provide a sleep-training service for babies over 6 months who should be sleeping through the night and can generally turn a situation around in a week. We also have a team of maternity nurses who will work anywhere in the world.

This is a professional service where mothers can be helped within 24 hours of calling.

Georgie Bateman

Georgie is a sleep expert who has run Night Nannies in Hampshire and Wiltshire since 2001.  She currently manages a team of around fifty professionals who will encourage your baby or toddler to sleep through the night using gentle, consistent strategies.

Georgie has taught Sleep Training courses to babycare professionals since 2004.  She also organises Sleep Training workshops for parents and carers as well as delivering talks to primary schools regarding the importance to educational development of sleep in young children.

In addition, Georgie writes a column in Baby Hampshire, Baby Surrey and Baby London magazines describing the life of a Night Nanny; she writes a weekly blog on educational issues and she is also a regular contributor to NCT magazines and Andover Sound local radio.

Email: info@nightnannies.com / georgie@nightnannies.com
Tel: 020 7731 6168  / 01794 301699