A couple of weeks ago Leonora got a leaflet about an upcoming Harvest festival fair coming up at Daylesford.  We had a look at the contests to see if we could enter the kids into them.  On the list was an animal seed collage .  YC was totally up for entering, but EC wasn’t bothered at all.  Fast forward a week and both YC and EC had friends over.  Of course about an hour into it YC appeared in the kitchen complaining about EC and his friend disturbing them.  My solution was to set up the  animal seed collage pictures.

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You will need:

  • A selection of grains, seeds, and beans
  • PVA glue
  • Thick paper like card stock
  • Pencil

The easiest way to start is by drawing your picture first, then you can figure out how you will fill it afterwards.  YC asked if I would draw her a squirrel while her friend was content just to draw hearts and fill them in.

animal seed collage

Next you need to fill in the picture bit by bit.  You will need a lot of glue to do this, especially if you have big beans to stick on.

Do note that it is sometimes difficult for the smaller details to be seen once everything is in place.  My hedgehog’s nose gets lost in all the other details.  It would have been much better to do it in one of the black turtle beans rather than a small piece of barley.

This is not a quick craft to do (well depending on the size of your picture); it took YC 3 different goes to finish this.

animal seed collage

YC’s 2nd place picture with some of the other pieces.

YC did enter her picture into the best animal seed collage competition and came 2nd!

Autumn Tree Picture

animal seed collage

As well as doing our animal pictures we also did our usual autumn tree picture using painted butternut squash and pumpkin seeds.

There are a couple of ways to paint the seeds.  You can either split the seeds up and mix them into the paint and leave them to dry.  Or you can glue them onto your picture first and then paint them afterwards.  I found that the first method was great at covering a lot of seeds all at once.  This method would work well  for smaller children.  However, they did get stuck together while drying, which meant that when you pulled them apart some of the paint came off and I had to re paint them afterwards.

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Autumn and animal seed collage crafts.  Great crafts for kids, teens and adults for Autumn

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