As a child, I remember running straight for the snack cupboard after school searching for whatever cakes and goodies my Mum may have stocked up on for my ravenous brothers and I. Wagon Wheels, mini jam swiss rolls, twiglets, you name it, we’d sniff them out like a pack of hungry wolves.

We weren’t allowed them of course, well not straight away, and were always greeted with the ‘you can only have a treat when you’ve finished all your dinner/done your homework/tidied your room’ etc, because such sugary treats should quite rightly be rationed.

We all know that feeling of coming home from a busy day at school and constantly pestering your parents for snacks, and they (in addition to proper meals) are indeed important to a child’s nutritional needs. It’s important children eat often to replenish their energy and help them grow big and strong. However ensuring your little ones consume the right snacks is important to ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need – not just a sugary carb heavy quick fix, thus leaving room for a proper meal.

Some inexpensive, and quick and easy ideas include:

  •  Peanut butter on wholegrain toast
  • Cheese and pineapple chunks on sticks
  • Miniature boxes of raisins
  • Fruit pieces (banana, apple, raspberries) with a yoghurt ‘dip’
  • Hummus and carrot sticks, pepper sticks etc.
  • Wholemeal toasted pitta bread (cut into strips) with a salsa dip
  • Bag of mixed fruit and nuts

Of course kids are kids and occasional treats, as opposed to them being the norm, make them even nicer to enjoy, so think about the times when you want to give/don’t mind your children having a sweet treat, and why not enjoy one yourself at the same time as a big pat on the back for being a top health conscious parent. Well done!

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Anna is a counsellor, NLP practitioner, member of the national council of psychotherapists (NCP) and performance coach and she is qualified in this field at the highest level - 5. Anna currently uses these skills as a regular expert on ITV show This Morning reaching out to families and children covering issues surrounding family relationships, problems children face growing up and ways to keep a healthy mind, body and soul. Anna began her television career in children's TV, but has since gone on to host travel guides, competition features and the latest celebrity gossip on ITVs GMTV, Daybreak and The Lorraine show. Recently she joined the new ITV O'Brien show and is also a regular agony aunt on Big brothers Bit on the Side looking at relationships in the house, analysing body language, tone of voice and of course who will find love in the house. With regards to print Anna has written columns as an agony aunt for Top Sante (reaching the mums) and Girl Talk (reaching the little ones) and Digital Spy (reaching the celebrity enthused reader). Anna is as an official celebrity ambassador for the mental health charity, Mind. She now talks openly about her own battle with severe anxiety and panic attacks and has hosted several events and debates surrounding this topic. Anna is also a Child Line counsellor and celebrity ambassador for the Princes Trust.

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