I was sitting next to Annabelle Neilson last week and she was telling me about a new children’s book she’s written that sounded right up my street. I bought Angry Me the first in the series of ‘The Me Me Me’s’ on Amazon and read it to my children the following night. Angry Me is a grumpy, angry character that’s literally about to explode, until Mellow Yellow Me comes on the scene and calms him down, showing him there’s no need to be so angry – and of course, it all works out in the end. I love how the book let’s the children relate to the characters, and in particular, my daughter!

Here’s our exclusive interview with Annabelle – we hope you enjoy!

Tell us who is ‘Angry Me’, and have people you know inspired the other characters that we’ll see in future books? 

Angry me is a character based on me in part as a child with severe dyslexia – but I think Angry me evokes the frustrations and feelings for children when they can’t release such a powerful emotion as anger and it can be so many different things that a child can struggle with. Other characters have been based around friends, some family, some god- children. You do look for inspiration amongst the people close to you.

Messy Me is based on my sister. Dreamy Me is based in part on me but also on all children who when they are asleep have the ability to make anything happen and anything possible.

Imaginative Me I wrote for my friend Lee Alexander McQueen and I will dedicate that book to him for very obvious reasons. He was the most imaginative person I ever knew.

You’ve always been a great fashion icon, what’s your favourite look, and will we be seeing a fashionista character pop up in any of the books? 

Skinny jeans, Alaia boots, white t-shirt/top and tailored McQueen black jacket, Chanel handbag or Hermes. Gold necklace beads Chanel, Jade Jagger and vintage leather belt.

You never know…..? about a little me me me clothe’s horse but no I haven’t even given one any thought because I have 18 feeling and actions that are in development and that’s a lot.

You’ve got a million god children, along with Angry Me, what presents will you be giving them for Christmas? 

My older god-children I normally ask, but with the girls I will normally give them something a little bit fashion forward. They might have to grow into it. I’ve given a few pieces of my McQueen collection, it is wonderful to see their excited faces – I gave Poppy Spaceman a gold McQueen jacket, it was amazing to see her face. Boys always get something techy like headphones, hover boards, skate boards.

All my god-children when they were born I’ve given silver harmonicas from Tiffany’s.

We’ve got to ask you about the latest series of Ladies of London – is it all diamonds and daggers, or are you all a big happy family? 

Of course there’s a bit of diamonds and daggers, it wouldn’t be entertaining if we all got on like bosom buddies.

Most families have ups and downs and friendships too but all the girls seem to get over their moments of bickering pretty quickly.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

My dad says I’m perfect and everybody else says I’m trouble.

I’d prefer to be infamous rather than famous.

You can buy The Me Me Me’s Angry Me by Annabelle Neilson on Amazon. Published by Fat Fox Books. 

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