This week, we interviewed the fabulous Annie Reid and Emily Turner from the inspiring Angels & Urchins, London’s indispensable parents’ magazine. 

Angels and Urchins is going from strength to strength, what’s inspiring you at the moment?

Annie: Our website keeping it current and uber useful for our readers.

Emily: I am loving going to all the different Christmas shows currently on in London for all ages.

What inspired you to start the magazine?

Annie: Gap in the market for something fun and informative for new mums to read.

Do you work as a team or do both you take on different aspects of the business?

Annie: Definitely as a team but as the magazine has got bigger we have our own areas of expertise.

Emily: We have a lot of overlap but broadly Annie is the first port of call for pregnancy and baby, fashion, toys and parties and I do Kids’ London, schools and travel.

Where do you go to let your hair down?

Annie: On a blustery walk.

Emily: the Isle of Wight

What’s your favourite baby product?

Annie: Muslins

Pippa Middleton or Martha Stewart?

Annie and Emily: Neither particularly.

We love your website, what’s in the pipeline for Angels and Urchins?

Annie: Making ourselves a first port of call for parents needing information.

Emily: A&U’s editorial voice on everything that matters

What’s your favourite family movie?

Annie: The Mask.

Emily: Enchanted (though not sure the kids would agree)

How do you find working from home, is it hard to juggle work with family life?

Annie: Love working from home. Everyone juggles – the nature of being a mum, whether you are working or not.

Emily: It’s much more accepted than it used to be when we started out. In the early days you were fighting against prejudices that because you were not in an office you were not a serious proposition.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Annie: I have no idea!

Emily: a mum, a writer, a wife, a friend – and a businesswoman – more by chance than design.