We have all done vegetable printing at some point. It is such a stable of early year crafts. I remember doing it with YC and EC when they were younger. Now it is BB’s turn. Today we have been doing our first Halloween craft with it in this apple stamping pumpkin craft.

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You will need:

  • Apple
  • Orange paint
  • Paper
  • Green and black pen
  • Knife

Start by cutting the apple in half. If your little one can’t grab the apple cut out a little handle. I did that for BB which made it much easier for him to use. It also made a wonderful mouth piece for him! He thought it was fun to put that part in his mouth.

apple stamping pumpkin craft

Dip the apple into the paint and then get them to print their apple onto their paper.

When they have finished and the paint has dried draw on the stalk and jack-o-lantern face.

BB is really getting into doing his crafts, and he is starting to do them for longer. At his age it is normal for this sort of activity to last a couple of minutes before his attention wanders. For this apple stamping pumpkin craft he stayed engaged for about 20 minutes.

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Apple stamping pumpkin craft for toddlers and preschoolers.