We’re quite a creative family and we all love doing art. My children started drawing from a very early age, and like most artistic children, they’ve loved playing with paints, glue, glitter, and various bits and pieces from the get-go. It’s always so nice to see an artistic streak and it’s great for a child’s development.

The amount of artwork we’ve amassed in the past few years is pretty impressive, and with only so much space on the wall, one work of art seems to be replaced by another masterpiece almost as soon as it’s put up. Nursery used to send a good ten home a week, and although it’s slowed down now they’re at school, the end of term does bring quite a mountain. I hate the idea of throwing my children’s art away, I have a huge plastic portfolio literally stuffed full of their artwork sitting in the attic, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking about binning the odd bit.

There are some wonderful companies I’ve talked about that will take your artwork and transform them into mini masterpieces that you’ll want to showcase forever, and my favourite idea at the moment is to pick the one piece that makes everyone smile and get the wonderful The Little Square Gallery to turn it into a chic ‘Styled Gallery Print’. You can choose between colour or black and white, and decide which size to go for. The piece is then beautifully framed and the end result is guaranteed to make any child proud of their art.

Little Square Gallery will also take any stack of old art and transform them into manageable pieces that you can hang on your wall, without the risk of glitter cascading onto the carpet! For something a little different, do check out Little Square Gallery for the perfect present this year, but a word of warning – hurry with your orders, as their deadline for Christmas is 1st December.


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