We’re midway through Children’s Art Week 2017 so what better way to celebrate than to recall some of our favourite arts and crafts project ideas from Nanny Anita! It’s so important that everyone gets creative during Children’s Art Week because the arts are such a relevant and inspiring part to our culture. It’s a great way for kids to let their creativity grow and release emotions and thoughts.

If you’re stuck for inspiration or just wanting to try something new and arty with your kids, then read on for our top 15 project ideas.

1: Paper Plate Threaded Hearts

2: Make Your Own Worry Dolls

3: Sand Tray Writing

4: Flip Books

5: Painting With Balloons

6: How To Make A Paper Kite

7: DIY Fidget Spinner

8: Make Your Own Flubber

9: Foil Painting

10: Bubble Painting

11: Magical Leaf Rubbing Busy Bag

12: DIY Bedroom Door Signs

13: Lolly Pop Stick Catapults

14: Chromatography Snowflakes

15: Weaving For Kids