If you’ve not yet met the Toniebox, it’s our pleasure to introduce you – and just in time for National Storytelling Week! A simple, no-screens Wi-Fi enabled speaker, the Toniebox is designed to tell audio stories to fuel your child’s imagination and appetite for literary adventure.

The Toniebox is a fabulous way to foster imagination and encourage independent active play, everything a young explorer’s growing mind needs. Children can move about, dance, play AND listen at the same time to an engaging story or music. The Toniebox presents a unique audio experience allowing the listener to build strong connections to stories and their characters!

How does the Toniebox work?

Built to withstand the inevitable bumps and tumbles from kids, the soft-padded Toniebox plays the songs and stories available in their ever-expanding library of kids’ classics. Little ones can have hours of fun listening to Room on the Broom, Gruffalo and Stick Man, or Disney favourites such as Frozen, The Lion King or Jungle Book – to name but a few.

Character figurines called ‘Tonies’

Audio content is played via interchangeable kid-proof figurines called ‘Tonies’. Tonies are characters that relate to their specific story or song and they arrive pre-loaded with specific content so they’re ready to play immediately.

All you have to do is pop your Tonie on your Toniebox, and its built-in NFC reader will detect exactly who’s standing on top. The correct audio story will then instantly download from the Toniecloud and et voila! Your audio adventure will begin.

Shop Tonies

There are a whole host of Tonies available for all ages. The Tonies’ library includes Disney favourites, popular fairytales and many modern classics from the likes of Julia Donaldson. For older kids, there’s even educational audio, think dinosaur adventures and trips into space.

Puss in Boots and other fairy tales, Favourite Tales

Frozen, Disney


‘Creative-Tonies’ are fun figures that arrive blank for you to upload 90 minutes of your own audio. Whether it’s a story or a song, it’s a chance for you to get creative.

Creative-Tonies are a brilliant gift idea this year in particular. They give grandparents and loved ones the opportunity to record stories and messages that your child will enjoy listening to. A touching way to stay connected during Lockdown when some of us might be apart.

What’s included with your Toniebox?

The Toniebox Starter Set retails at £69.95 and is available in seven vibrant colours you kids will love.

Inside the starter set is everything you need to get cracking:

  • Toniebox
  • Charging dock
  • Creative-Tonie Figurine
  • Instructions on how to set up your Toniebox


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How easy is it to set up and use a Toniebox?

The Toniebox is pretty straight forward to set up once you have everything to hand.

All you need is your phone, tablet or desktop, Wi-Fi network and password details, and the Tonie on the docking station. The easy-to-follow steps prompt you to input info from the base of the Toniebox, and in a matter of minutes, hey presto – you’re all set to go.

Once the story has been downloaded in full, you can control the volume by pinching the box’s ears, or move between chapters by tapping the sides of the device. You can rewind and fast-forward audio content by simply tilting the Toniebox to 45 degrees.

You can even personalise the controls via your Tonies account from the app on your device.

Where can I listen to my Toniebox?

When you put a Tonie on the box for the first time, the audio content will download to the internal memory of the Toniebox, and the LED will turn solid green once it’s ready. You’re then able to play your device with that particular story anywhere, without a Wi-Fi connection. It’s the perfect companion for trips away or long car journeys – and there’s also a headphone jack for those quieter times!

The audio quality of the Toniebox is superb, and the speaker can be played quite loudly, so it will be perfect for garden fun or a picnic this summer.

Shop now

The Toniebox is available from www.tonies.com for 69.95 or at Amazon.


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