Every morning when YC and EC go off to school, BB and I spend about 20 minutes putting laundry away and sorting out bedrooms. I say about 20 minutes, it is normally longer because as I’m putting stuff away BB is right behind me pulling other things out. In an effort to curtail this I made him a sticky autumn tree activity so that he could add cut out paper leaves to it.

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You will need:

  • Coloured paper*
  • Sticky back plastic
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tape

*I used purple, red, orange, brown, green, and yellow paper.

Draw your tree shape on the brown paper and cut it out. I luckily had an A3 piece of brown paper which I used for this. However if you don’t have that then just use multiple pieces of A4.

Cut out lots and lots of leaves.

Attach the length of sticky back plastic to an area of wall with some tape. Remember you will need the sticky part of the plastic to face you. Now place the cut out tree on to the sticky back plastic.

atumn tree activity

I stuck ours to the front of BB’s bedroom door. I kept the door shut for this. Then left a small pile of leaves for him to stick on as he liked. When that pile had been used up I replenished it from my little stock pile of leaves.

autumn tree activity

This sticky Autumn tree activity actually worked really well. He would come and go from it, but it did stop him from undoing a lot of my sorting. Plus you also get a pretty autumn tree to hang on your wall, or window.

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sticky autumn tree activity for toddlers and children.

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