Although there are many things wrong with social media, one thing I do love is that there are tutorials on how to do just about anything. I c and across this autumn watercolour painting one using an old gift card to make the trees. I don’t think I’ve ever painted such realistic looking trees before! True they do look like silver birch trees, but I’ll take that.

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To make your own autumn watercolour painting you will need:

  • Card stock
  • Watercolour paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Old gift card
  • Spray bottle

Make a puddles of black and dark blue paint. Using the long side of the card, dip it into the paint and print it on the paper going upwards to make the tree trucks.

When you have finished making your tree trucks, go over parts of them with more concentrated paint to create dark patches. You can also add branches.

autumn watercolour painting

After it has dried, use the spray bottle to spritz the top of the painting, then using autumn colours create your leaves. We sapped out paintbrushes to do that part.

autumn watercolour painting

To add the finishing touches we added some sky and grass, then went over the outline of the trees with black paint.

I think this technique would be good for making bamboo pictures too! We will have to try it out again.

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Learn how to make beautiful autumn watercolour paintings using an old gift card.