When it comes to nappies there are many options available to a new mum and this can be quite confusing. I have made a list of all the different kids of nappies available and detailed my personal favourites from each!

Reusable – these are great for the environment and your wallet, but some people find them quite bulky, they don’t hold as much liquid as disposable nappies and there’s lots of washing and drying with them too. Of course, you could always consider enlisting the help of a nappy washing service.

All-In-One Nappy from Miosolo

Easyfit V4 Nappy from Frugi

Girly Twirly Blue gPants from gNappies

Bamboo Nappy from Little Lamb Nappies

Disposable – very convenient, sizing is accurate they are more absorbent, many can hold up to their own weight in liquid but they are not very good for the environment and will cost roughly £40 a month.

Pampers Premium Protection New Baby Size 1 from Boots

Mamia Newborn Nappies Size 1 from Aldi

Little Angles Newborn Nappies with Dreamskin Technology from Asda

just4bums Mini Disposable Nappies from Kiddicare

Eco Disposable – a lot greener for the environment and have all the pros of disposables.

Bio Degradable Nappies from Beaming Baby

Naty Nature Babycare Size 1 from Boots

Bamboo Nature

Moltex Nappies from Beaming Baby


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