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Babies, Beds And Bedding: The Ultimate Guide

Every parent wants to ensure they invest in the best products for their children. When it comes to baby sleep, there are a lot of options to choose from. I’ve put together this handy guide on Moses baskets, cots, cot bed and bedding to ensure you pick wisely so baby can nail those daytime naps, and sleep peacefully and comfortably at nighttimes.

Moses Baskets 

Moses baskets are a great option for the first few weeks while your baby is still small. They’re very easy and convenient to move around and can be set up pretty much anywhere.

You will need to buy a mattress for your Moses basket, as they aren’t usually included. Don’t forget to buy sheets that are specific to your mattress shape.

Moses Basket, Emile et Rose

Dreami, Shnuggle

Boris Moses, Mamas and Papas

Moses Stand, Mothercare

Mattress, Moba

Moses Fitted Sheets, Mamas and Papas

My First Moses Basket, Mothercare

Gliding Moses Stand, Mothercare

Fitted Sheet, Moba

Fitted Sheets, Shnuggle

The Woolnest, Mokee

Rocking Stand, Mamas and Papas

Mattress Protector, Moba

Moses Starter Set, Mothercare


When it comes to choosing a crib, you can either opt for a standard design or one that attaches to the bed, so you can have your little one sleeping right next to you but in their own safe space. Many give you the option to do either, and it’s good to bear this in mind when purchasing – do’t forget to measure the height of your bed to ensure the crib can attach.

Cribs can be used from birth, up to around six months, which is ideal for keeping your baby close, and a great space saver to boot! Most cribs don’t come with sheets or a mattress so you will need to get these separately. Don’t forget sheets will be specific to the crib mattress size.

Air Bedside Crib, Shnuggle

Tutti Bambini CoZee, Mothercare

Mattress, The Little Green Sheep

Crib Bedding Set, Mothercare

SnuzPod3, Mothercare

Rocking Crib, Mamas and Papas

Crib Mattress, Mamas and Papas

Fitted Crib Sheet, John Lewis

Swinging Crib, Mamas & Papas

Chicco Next To Me Crib, John Lewis

Protector, The Little Green Sheep

Fitted Crib Sheet, Petit-Bateau


Cots can be used from birth right up to two years. They’re smaller than a cot bed, so you can usually fit them in your room while the baby is small then move it to their own room when they reach over six months.  You will need to buy a cot mattress and sheets specifically for the cot you choose. Fortunately, there are a some of these that can fit a cot and a cot bed.

Air Cot, Shnuggle

Obaby Lilly Cot, Mothercare

Bedspread & Bumper, Lucy and Belle

Mia Sleigh Cot, Mamas and Papas

Cot Mattress, Mothercare

Cot Sheets, Frugi

Cot Beds

Cot beds are suitable from birth right up to the age 4 to 5, depending on the type. This makes them an excellent choice for a child’s nursery. Many can be easily transformed into a toddler bed by removing or adding a few parts.

Since these cot beds are quite close to the floor, they are good for getting your fidgety toddler used to a bed without sides – but you do also have the option to re-add the sides if your little one falls out too much.

You will need to buy a cot bed mattress and sheets that are specific to cot beds; however there are some that can fit a cot and cot bed.

Mini Cot, Mokee

Hurlingham Cotbed, TeddyOne

Premium Mattress, TeddyOne

Cotbed Fitted Sheet, Harrods

Dover Cot Bed, Mamas & Papas

Winnie to Pooh Cotbed, Mothercare

Babydunlopillo, Mothercare

Cotbed Fitted Sheet, The White Co.

Home Bed, Stokke

Cot Bed, The White Co.

Mattress Protector, Mothercare

Cotbed Fitted Sheets, Mothercare

Sleep Aids

If your baby has trouble sleeping or sufferers with problems such as reflux these sleep aids can be a god send. They are only suitable for a short period of time so make sure you read up on each before purchasing.

Cocoonababy, Red Castle

Cosy Dream, Babymoov

Deluxe Pod, Sleepyhead

Covers and Sleeping Bags

When it comes to covering your baby you can choose from swaddling, using blankets or tucking them up in a sleeping bag. You can opt for any of these options with all of the beds above. Here is a list of some lovely bedding to choose from:

Cellular blankets are great for helping to keep your baby’s temperature regular.

Swaddles are great for the first few weeks, as they make the baby feel as though they’re still sleeping in the womb. Babies tend to wake themselves from moving around so swaddling stops this movement and disruption. We recommend starting swaddling early on; if the baby becomes too accustomed to free movement, they will not feel comfortable being wrapped up. Swaddling is only recommended for the first three to four months.

Sleeping bags can be really helpful as babies do tend to move their legs about and kick off blankets. Sleeping bags also remove your fear of them being cold during the night. It allows your baby movement, but they will not be able to kick it off. Make sure if you’re using sleeping bags you adhere to the temperature guidelines on each product and don’t let your baby overheat or become too cold. It’s handy to have a room thermometer in the room where your child is sleeping.

REMEMBER: Duvets, fleece blankets and cot bumpers are not recommended for newborn babies!

Quilt, Lola + Blake

Zebra Sleepyhead Cover, Sleepyhead

World Sleeping Bag, Kit and Kin

Cellular Baby Blanket, The White Co.

On The Move, Ergobaby

Sleep Suit, Love to Dream

Swaddle Up Bamboo, Love to Dream

Baby Blanket, Emile et Rose

Grosnug, The Gro Store

Bamboo Blanket, Matchstick Monkey

Fox Blanket, Nuby

Dreampod Sleep Bag, Mamas and Papas

Little Start Blanket, Twinkledust

Knitted Baby Blanket, Best Years

Swaddle, Matchstick Monkey


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