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Everything You Need To Know About The UK’s First Portable And Rechargeable Baby Bottle Warmer

Take a second to imagine spending less stress preparing a bottle of milk at the right temperature and spending more time with your baby. INOBY, the UK’s FIRST portable and rechargeable baby bottle warmer has launched and is making this dream a reality. As baby kit goes, this innovative product is set to be a game-changer for new mums.

Warming up milk for your baby can be tricky and time-consuming at the best of times. Achieving the right temperature for water or milk can often seem nigh on impossible. Then, there’s always the worry of hot spots that might unexpectedly burn your baby in the middle of a feed. There are some brilliant solutions out there, but many take up a considerable amount of kitchen counter space, and all need to be plugged in. None of them offer a solution to the conundrum of how to keep your baby’s milk warm when you’re out and about… Until now.

Introducing INOBY

INOBY is a practical battery-powered bottle warmer designed to be light and portable. It can heat up a bottle of water or milk with just a couple clicks of a button. It’s perfect for using around the house and brilliant for taking the drama out of night feeds in those early days. It also makes bottle feeds on the go a cinch; just take it with you wherever you go.

Safety tested

CE marked and FDA approved, INOBY is made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel with a BPA free silicone rim to prevent hot spots.


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What’s in the box?

  • INOBY portable warmer
  • Silicone cover
  • USB C charging cable
  • Bottle adapter
  • Instructions manual

How does INOBY work?


The warmer has just one button which controls the settings, and there are three adjustable temperatures (37c, 40c, and 45c) to suit your baby’s needs. All you have to do is connect your baby bottle to the warmer and make your selection by pressing the button.

INOBY uses low heat technology to heat up the liquid, which takes around 10-15 minutes. The warmer’s digital display lets you know when your bottle has reached the desired temperature, so there’s absolutely no guesswork involved. You can finally wave goodbye to burnt wrists!

Which baby bottles work with INOBY?

The INOBY warmer is designed to fit most baby bottles on the market so there’s no need to worry about compatibility. Some bottles require an adapter which can be purchased at the same time. Simply choose your bottle brand using the drop-down menu on INOBY’s website and have your packaged shipped to your door. Oh, and if you’re using AVENT bottles, you’re in luck, as they’ll attach straight on.

Lightweight and portable

Small in shape, and weighing only 180 grams, the INOBY warmer will fit into any cramped changing bag. Now that lockdown measures are easing, you’ll be able to get out of the house and explore the world with your baby without worrying about the next feed. The warmer works to keep your baby’s bottle warm for two to four hours, so you can ditch the cable when you’re out and about.

Charging my INOBY bottle warmer

Charging your INOBY couldn’t be simpler, and it can be used for four to six hours when fully charged, depending on the amount of liquid that needs heating, and the outside temperature.

From empty to full, the INOBY warmer take two hours to charge, and you can use it whilst charging, so there’s no down time whatsoever. The bottle warmer is charged using a USB C cable, and you can also use your phone’s power bank as a charger for ease when you’re out and about.

Breastmilk and premixed formula

INOBY is a versatile warmer perfect for heating up breastmilk and premixed/pre-prepped formula feeds. According to NHS guidance, powdered formula should be prepared using boiling water or water heated to at least 70C to kill off any bacteria that might be present.

Shop INOBY now

The INOBY bottle warmer retails at £49 and is available in pink or blue. Each order comes with one free adapter, and you can purchase additional adaptors if needed. Enjoy 10% off your first order when you sign up for the INOBY newsletter and receive exclusive subscriber discounts.


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