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3 Easy Ways To Be A More Eco Conscious Parent

We all worry about the environment. With climate change constantly hitting the headlines and the public backlash against single-use plastics, it’s impossible to ignore the damaging impact human life is having on the world. But when you’ve got a newborn to think about or young children to chase around, the environment easily takes a back seat. Fortunately, there are simple changes you can make to cut down your carbon footprint and make parenting young children that little bit more eco-friendly.

1 – Switch to biodegradable baby wipes

Wipes are an essential that parents time again tell us they couldn’t ever live without. So many parenting disasters can be quickly resolved with a baby wipe. However, disposable baby wipes are taking their toll on the environment — remember the huge London fatberg that was a pulled from the sewer? A good part of that was made from disposable wipes.

Switch to eco-disposable wipes that can be 100% biodegraded within six months. Bamaboo wipes start from £1.89 a packet, which is a standard price for baby wipes but the big difference is that they will break down in your food waste or compost bin. Remember to never flush any wipes down the loo!

2 – Opt for more natural, eco-nappies

Nappies are indispensable with a newborn but do consider the brand you buy based on the sustainability of the materials it uses and how much it can help you to minimise your baby’s carbon footprint. Bamaboo nappies will be over 60% decomposed within three months and can achieve around 80% decomposition over time, much higher than typical nappy brands.

Choosing a more natural nappy is about being kinder to your baby’s skin. Bamboo is a key component to Bamaboo nappies; it has antibacterial properties, helps to regulate baby’s temperature and feels silky soft against baby’s skin. The eco-nappies are also free of alcohol, PVC, Latex, and Phthalates, so there’s much less risk of irritation or nappy rash.

3 – Buy from brands that support the environment

With increasing pressure to reduce, reuse and recycle, it can often feel disheartening when we can only do so much on a personal level. The problem needs to be acknowledged and dealt with on a corporate level too. With businesses slowly picking up on this, it’s a good time for you to assess the brands you buy from and whether they’re doing enough to support the planet.

Mama Bamboo produce a good portion of its products from bamboo, one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. For example, these kids’ tableware kits are 70% MOSO bamboo and corn starch. Beyond the cute characters, the animals are playing a part to introduce the concepts of conservation and animal welfare to children in a fun and playful way. Each set comes with a story card filled with fun facts and certifies that your child has made a donation to WWF with each set sold.

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