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A Look At Dreamee, The NEW Sound, Motion And Video Monitor From Tommee Tippee

Firstly, if you’re expecting a new baby, don’t panic. It’s unlikely you’ll need a baby monitor for the first few months, as you’ll be with your newborn the entire time. But when your baby is old enough to sleep alone, you will want to invest in one so you can check on your baby from anywhere in the home – without disrupting their sleep.

Choosing the right baby monitor can be a tricky decision for new parents. We take a look at the new Tommee Tippee Dreamee sleep and nursery baby monitor complete with smart 360°camera unit.

Unboxing the Tommee Tippee Dreamee

The Tommee Tippee Dreamee is a video, sound, and motion baby monitor, with a 360° night-vision camera, high definition screen, and a movement sensor pad.

The Dreamee arrives in three main parts and is super easy to assemble.

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • 1 x baby camera
  • 1 x parent unit with fold-out stand
  • 1 x motion sensor mat
  • 2 x 5V AC adapters


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360° camera

It’s clear that technology has come a long way in the last couple of years when it comes to baby monitors. Designed to sit on nearby furniture, the camera itself is white, and fairly small in size, so it will look discreet in your baby’s room.

Tilt, pan, zoom

The USP of Tommee Tippee’s new Dreamee has to be the 360° camera, with its ability to move. It can tilt, pan, and zoom so you can keep the closest eye on your baby. It moves through 330° horizontally, 110° vertically and offers a 60° wide-angle field of view, to give you a full view of baby’s cot or sleeping area.

Auto motion tracking

As your baby grows and becomes more active, the camera’s auto motion tracking will automatically follow their movements in the cot. It’s perfect for older toddlers that shuffle from one end of the cot to the other, or children who have just transitioned from cot to bed. This is a monitor that will automatically reposition to capture their every movement on camera!


New babies love to sleep in the dark, which promotes the release of melatonin, a hormone crucial to your baby settling and sleeping well. With Dreamee’s powerful infrared LEDs, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy a clear view of your little one even in the darkest of rooms, as the night vision on this camera is superb.

Dreamee’s parent unit

The 4.3 inch high definition colour monitor will give you a great view of your baby. You can use the parent unit to control the camera view, its 2 x zoom function is brilliant for those times you need to take an even closer look at your baby.

As you’d expect, it’s a two-way monitor, so you can talk back to your baby when they stir during the night. It will also come in really handy when they’re a little bit older, and need to be told to get back into bed!

Movement sensor mat

Not all monitors come with a movement sensor mat, but for those wanting extra peace of mind, a movement sensor mat can be really useful.

Simply position the pad lengthways under the mattress directly underneath where your baby sleeps. The monitor’s movement sensor pad is sensitive and can detect even small movements. The mat will alert you if your baby is still for a prolonged period of time, or if there’s a sudden big movement in their sleeping area.

It’s easy to avoid false alarms, which can happen when you remove your baby from the cot for a feed. Simply press the alarm hold button within 20 seconds of moving your baby, or just before you pick them up from their crib.

The sensitivity of the mat can be adjusted, which is useful as your baby gets older, and eventually – you can remove it altogether.


CrySensor will listen out for baby’s cries during the night, and respond by playing music to help soothe and settle your little one back to sleep. The CrySensor has a selection of lullabies and natural sounds, and we love that you can even add your own music on an SD card.

Up to 300m operating range

The Dreamee has a fantastic operating range of up to 300m, so you don’t need to worry about losing connection if you find yourself at opposite ends of the house.

Digital nursery thermometer

The camera acts as a digital thermometer so you can help maintain the optimum sleeping environment for your baby or toddler.

Shop now

The Tommee Tippee Dreamee Sound, Motion and Video Baby Monitor is currently retailing at £219.99. Click here to get yours today.


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