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Nanit Pro: Is This 2021’s Smartest Baby Monitor?

The next-generation Nanit Pro offers a 360 approach to monitoring your baby for complete peace of mind. The Nanit Pro not only provides an audio and visual connection to your child, it also tracks your baby’s sleep and breathing motion, providing parents with personalised guidance to help their baby sleep better.

The Nanit Pro

The next generation Nanit Pro boasts a slimmer design while delivering parent-approved enhancements to Nanit’s award-winning camera.

The Nanit Pro’s improved internal speaker delivers higher quality sound and audio, including the monitor’s two-way talk, white noise and nature sounds, background audio and real-time sound notifications.

The updated HD 1080P HD camera offers colour video and a digital zoom for crystal clear day and night vision, so you can get the best overhead view of your baby’s crib in real-time whether it’s night or day.

You have options when it comes to the installation of the camera. Position over the cot or install using a wall mount with all cables hidden safely within the casing that comes with the monitor. The wide-angle camera lens will pick up all the action within the cot and the area just outside. You can also position the Nanit camera looking towards the crib from across the room using the Multi Stand.

Stay connected to your baby: Nanit’s companion app

You can stay connected to your baby 24/7 with real-time sound and motion alerts, plus background audio, thanks to Nanit’s companion app, which works in partnership with the camera.

What’s reassuring is that you can listen to what’s happening in your baby’s room even when you’re in other apps or your screen is off. The app has a night mode with a dimmable screen, so you can parent with confidence and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

The overhead video camera does so much more than letting you keep an eye on your baby. It’s part of Nanit’s wider system that enables you to monitor your baby’s breathing, movements and sleep patterns.

Sleeping and breathing monitoring

All Nanit Pro cameras now include a small Breathing Band designed for babies aged 0 – 3 months, so you can track your baby’s breathing motion in real-time for the ultimate peace of mind.

Once your child is wearing the breathing wear, all you have to do is press the ‘lungs’ icon in the app and watch the bottom of the screen pulse green – simulating inhalation and exhalation. The camera tracks the patterns on the sleepwear (without using any electronics) and hey presto, by doing so, monitors your baby’s every single breath. If anything’s amiss, you’ll be sent a swift alert via the app to your phone.

Insights subscription service

The Nanit Pro also comes with one year of free ‘Insights’, which effectively “supercharge” your camera using advanced algorithms. Insights give you access to timelapse footage and summaries, age-based comparisons of how your baby is sleeping, tips to improve your baby’s sleep, as well as a real-time activity feed. Insights cleverly captures timings and footage of wakeful periods during naptime and nighttime, so you can figure out how to improve your baby’s routine.

After the first year, you will have to sign up in order to continue to receive this in-depth sleep data, but personally, I think that many parents find the first few months the most unsettled and worrying, and after that time, you might not necessarily need to fork out for the extras.


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Improved connectivity, security and reliability.

You can still hear and see your baby over Wi-Fi even when your internet goes down, which is a major plus point for an app-based monitor. In fact, it’s so easy to keep connected with Nanit, you can see your baby or get a sleep update just by asking Amazon Alexa!

With enhanced connectivity and security thanks to an upgraded chipset for faster processing, as well as added security and on-board storage, the Nanit Pro has made huge strides in terms of baby monitor tech.

Shop Nanit Pro 

The Nanit Pro smart baby monitor starts at £299 and includes a Nanit Pro camera, wall mount with cable management system, and a small Breathing Band. The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System starts at £379 and includes a Nanit Pro camera, wall mount or floor stand, multi-stand for on-the-go and a small and a large Breathing Wear band and swaddle. All purchases of the Nanit Pro camera include a free 1-year subscription to the Nanit Insights app for personalised sleep guidance and memories feature to capture and share your little one’s precious moments.

The Nanit Pro camera is available now from and from all good retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, Mamas & Papas and more.


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