Choosing a baby name can be easy for some, and completely impossible for others. Whatever your take on it, it’s mostly a lot of fun for both parents (and whoever else wants to get involved), although recently I have known one couple have many a heated argument over their choice of names!

Each year the Office for National Statistics (ONS) release their annual list of the most popular baby names in England and Wales. We’ve gathered the top 15, the least favourite 15 and some quirky alternatives inspired by pop culture that are perfect if you’re looking for some inspiration!

Top Girls Names:

  • Amelia
  • Olivia
  • Isla
  • Emily
  • Poppy
  • Ava
  • Isabella
  • JessicaLily
  • Sophie
  • Grace
  • Sophia
  • Mia
  • Evie
  • Ruby

Top Boys Names: 

  • Oliver
  • Jack
  • Harry
  • Jacob
  • Charlie
  • Thomas
  • George
  • Oscar
  • James
  • William
  • Noah
  • Alfie
  • Joshua
  • Muhammad
  • Henry

Least Popular Girls Names: 

  • Jayde
  • Roxanne
  • Alaysia
  • Amia
  • Astrid
  • Karly
  • Dalilah
  • Makena
  • Penny
  • Ryann
  • Charity
  • Judith
  • Kenna
  • Tess
  • Tinley
  • Collins

Least Popular Boys Names:

  • Kannon
  • Branden
  • Brendon
  • Brenton
  • Dario
  • Jakobe
  • Lachlan
  • Thatcher
  • Immanuel
  • Camilo
  • Davon
  • Graeme
  • Rocky
  • Broderick
  • Clyde
  • Darien

Pop culture baby names that have made their way into the ranks: 

  • Arwen (character from Lord of The Rings)
  • Arya (Ned Stark’s youngest daughter from Game of Thrones)
  • Augustus (lead male from The Fault in Our Stars book)
  • Benedict (as in the beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch)
  • Bella (main character from the Twilight series)
  • Brienne (another strong female Game of Thrones character)
  • Bruno (as in Bruno Mars)
  • Clark (Superman/Clark Kent)
  • Dexter (the serial killer series)
  • Dixon (character from The Walking Dead)
  • Elsa (Frozen’s leading lady)
  • Hermione (Harry Potter’s top know-it-all)
  • Joy (female lead in The Fault in Our Stars)
  • Luna (Harry Potter)
  • Rey (the heroine of the new Star Wars trilogy)
  • Tyrion (our favourite character from Game of Thrones)
  • Xander (Buffy The Vampire’s BFF)


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