Weaning with Spices – Tip 1

So you know you don’t want to feed your little one bland food whilst you are weaning, but when is the right time start weaning with aromatic spices? This is a question I am regularly asked by parents – particularly first time parents. Everything is all new – parenthood, weaning and of course… little bubba! So it is common for some parents to want to tread with caution.

To give parents a helping hand, I’ve written a mini ‘weaning with spices guide’ for any parent who wants to wean their little one with aromatic spices safely. This guide will contain a series of three key weaning tips. The first being….

When is baby ready for aromatic spices?

This can be confusing for parents, but I would recommend waiting until your little one is expertly slurping up purees and has clearly mastered basic tastes and flavours from stage 1 weaning i.e. fruit and vegetable purees. Once you and baby are both comfortable, then it’s time to move on. Do this swiftly as you want your little one to experience new tastes and flavours as soon as possible to start broadening his or her tiny palate.

As a guide it’s best to allow one month for your little one to master basic tastes. So, if you introduce solids to your baby from 6 months of age, then your baby should be ready for aromatic spices from 7-8 months of age. However, if you introduce solids to your baby earlier (some parents do this from 4 or 5 months), your baby may be ready for aromatic spices earlier. As a parent, you know your child best.

I personally would recommend waiting until your baby is at least 7 months of age before introducing aromatic spices into her diet, simply to allow her digestive system to develop a little more. This is the age at which I began weaning my little one with spices, and felt she was ready for them.

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