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Does My Baby Have Reflux? The Signs & How To Combat It

Infant reflux is really common and generally happens when your little one is around 8 weeks old. Signs of reflux are when your baby is sick, spits up or brings up milk shortly after feeding. Fortunately, it is something that mostly goes away on its own but it can sometimes cause discomfort for your little one. Luckily, most babies will grow out of reflux by the time that they are 1 year old.

What are the signs of reflux?

There are several signs of reflux and some of them are obvious but some of them are not so obvious, which is why it can sometimes be really hard to diagnose reflux. Tell-tale signs of reflux are your baby coughing and hiccupping or becoming unsettled during feeds, and not settling well after feeds, or if they arch their back and don’t want to be put down. Silent reflux happens when your baby shows these signs of reflux but does not actually bring any milk up or spits/vomits – advised by NHS England. Crying and not settling can also be a sign of reflux, though if it’s for longer periods of time, this may indicate colic.

What causes reflux?

Reflux happens because the muscles in your baby’s food pipe are still developing. Until they’re fully developed, food can come back up more easily. Reflux can also occur if your little one is born prematurely.

Is reflux dangerous?

Infant reflux generally isn’t something to worry about, if your baby is healthy, reflux by itself is not considered dangerous. However, reflux can be caused by more serious conditions, the NHS website advice is to speak to a doctor if your baby is experiencing any of the following: refusing food, losing/not gaining weight, colour of the spit-ups changes, gets reflux for the first time after they’re 6 months old, or if reflux continues past one year of age.

Always go with your gut instinct if you are ever concerned about your baby and seek medical help.


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How can you treat reflux?

While reflux generally goes away by itself, there are ways you can soothe your baby’s discomfort. The founder of babocush and mum of two Kerry Nevins dealt with silent reflux and colic first-hand with her son Harry. After Harry’s birth, he would only settle when held — which turned out to be 24 hours a day! Kerry couldn’t find anything to stop Harry crying in pain, she set about her quest for designing the ultimate swaddling cushion to soothe her baby’s reflux and colic: the babocush.

Is the babocush right for your baby?

The babocush is suited to all babies, in particular, those suffering from colic and reflux; it is award-winning and has been described by many parents as a miracle product! This ergonomic comfort cushion helps your baby adjust to the world around them. It recreates the atmosphere in the womb with a heartbeat sound and gentle vibrations and is the next best thing to being held in a parent’s arms. The babocush makes the transition from womb to the world just that bit easier. The soothing vibrations have proven especially helpful for babies who need to be constantly held and for those with reflux, colic and gas or wind pains.

Finally, it provides a spare pair of hands just when you need them. Babies in pain often need constant holding! One parent let us know that it was only because of the babocush that she was able to find time to sterilise bottles and even to put the washing on! Her baby was in so much pain, the babocush was the only acceptable alternative to being held and the babocush allowed her to attend to the needs of her other two children, whilst seeing her baby happy and calm, relaxing on the babocush.

It takes care of tummy time too. With tummy time recommended as vital in a baby’s daily routine, the babocush is invaluable to your baby’s development. The babocush holds your baby in a very natural position, allowing the airways to relax and stay open as opposed to sitting slumped over in a bouncer or car seat. Babocush also helps to prevent flat head syndrome and strengthen baby’s neck, back and trunk muscles, perfect for development! The following testimonial was seen on Instagram – a true testament to the fabulous product “One of the biggest accomplishments in this short 5 months is how well she has become adjusted to tummy time. Acid reflux has rocked our little one’s world and thanks to our @babocush we have been able to do tummy time without a screaming fit the minute she lays down. It’s been so nice to see her lifting up her head and getting in all that much needed time to continue to grow and flourish.”

Please note, the babocush is not intended for and should not be used for sleeping.

The babocush is available on for £115 (usually £139).


What the experts are saying:

Dr. Zehra Gajic, Maple Ridge Wellness Centre:

The babocush is an incredibly clever and fantastic product that all parents should consider having as part of their newborn product line up. I highly recommend this product as it not only comforts baby in a safe and ergonomic position, but also allows rare self-care time that most new parents find impossible to accomplish.

Deirdre Brady, CEO Tinylife:

We know that premature babies are prone to reflux and colic. Parents who have used the babocush have told us that their babies responded well to being placed on it as it can help relieve symptoms of reflux and colic.

Dr. Zara Valentine, Osteopath:

The best way to encourage optimal development of your baby’s spine and future postural alignment is to give them plenty of tummy time. The babocush offers a calming and safe place for your baby to lie on their tummy. I love recommending the babocush to my young patients to help with their development, colic and reflux. As a mum of premature twins, I wish the babocush had been available when they were babies.


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