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The Breathable Summer-Ready Baby Carrier From BabyBjörn

Dropping right in time for summer, BabyBjörn has unveiled its newest babywearing design: Baby Carrier Harmony. Since the ‘70s, BabyBjörn has been tinkering with and improving its iconic baby carrier design. With each generation of carrier, it has taken on board the needs of new parents and advice of experts, so now, with decades of feedback to work with, Harmony is set to be the best yet.

Closeness your baby craves

It is proven that babywearing boosts the bond between parent and baby. That’s why baby carriers are an indispensable piece of kit for new parents. Hearing your heartbeat is known to soothe and comfort your child. A baby carrier provides the close contact your baby needs, while also keeping your hands free to get along with daily activities.

Breathable fabric design

The major thing we noted on the Baby Carrier Harmony was the mesh fabric design which makes it soft and breathable – ideal when you’re out in the summer heat. The functional fabric is 3D mesh which dries quickly after washing and works to keep you and baby cool.

Comfort for parent and child

In true BabyBjörn style, the Baby Carrier Harmony design is focused on the comfort of both parent and baby. For the parent, it offers an ergonomic and pressure-relieving waist belt, padded lumbar support for back relief, and wide padded shoulder straps. For your little one, it has airy mesh which hugs the baby and provides proper support for their back, neck and hips.

Front and back-facing

The carrier has front and back-facing options. Your baba may be more comfortable facing your chest while they’re younger and more outside stimulation as they grow older. For the toddler,  the front-facing option of the carrier may offer them more of a sense of adventure to explore their surroundings.

Ready for a growing child

The Baby Carrier Harmony can be used from birth up to approximately three years old. It’s definitely something to add to your pre-birth shopping list, as it’s something that will come in handy from the start. You don’t need to buy an insert or any extras because the carrier adjusts with your baby’s size. With two heights, it will keep baby’s head in a good position from birth and all the way to the toddler years.

harmony baby carrier

The bottom-line on the Baby Carrier Harmony

It’s clear that the carrier is designed with closeness and practicality in mind. BabyBjörn has brought us yet another innovative baby carrier that is comfortable for baby and child. It’s had sign-off from experts, approval from experts and a big thumbs up from My Baba.

Where to buy the Baby Carrier Harmony

The Baby Carrier Harmony comes in silver, anthracite and navy blue and is available to buy on the BabyBjörn website.

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