When I say I’ve tested every pram on the market – it’s an understatement. I’ve seen them all! Last weeK Babyzen sent us a sample of their new YOYO and I was impressed. It was pretty easy to assemble and although I thought it was heavy at first, it really wasn’t. It’s easy to turn, almost like a black taxi and my daughter fell in love with it. It’s easy to climb into, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad, and it’s actual seat is pretty wide.  

The harness I had a bit of a moment with trying to shut (but that’s always the case). This one is much easier to open and sits in the right places. There’s not much space for extras underneath but I normally carry things on a buggy clip.  

When it came to collapsing, it’s not too bad. Anyone trying to sell you the ultimate buggy has the same thing to say, ‘it’s so easy to collapse and open,’ and they all lie, no pram on the market is easy although I must say, Maclaren are the closest.  The YOYO folds away with 2 moves and has the niftiest little strap so if you need to lug it around, you really can take it with you. I’m often hearing of friends who leave their pram outside or at the top or bottom of the stairs to find that it’s vanished by the time they return.   

It was good on the streets of London and very light to manoeuvre. It also caught quite a few looks. Overall a really clever pram and the selling point has to be the carry strap and its size when compact. Retails at £309 from White Step