1. These limited edition Mini Ghost Highlighters by Stablio are a must for every boy’s pencil case. I love the different spooky faces on each colour!

2. This fun and funky Monsters Sleeve Notebook is one of many available at Paperchase.

3. An iPod touch can be really useful for kids, there are some fantastic educational apps.

4. Beatrix New York do a fab range of little kid and big kid backpacks for children, and I love their lunch boxes, the animal characters are super-cute.

5. This Uniform Knit Peacoat from Gap is adorable, and perfect for school days.

6. To match the peacoat, Papouelli’s Barnie School shoes although expensive, a very comfortable, super-slick and available in black, navy and brown.

7. I love the Muppets Animal Barrel Pencil Case at Ryman’s.

8. The Moshi Monsters Ringbinder is sure to be a favourite this term.

9. These TomTags by Orkid Ideas are brilliant. They’re a fun, personalised and flexible daily checklist that your little ones carry on their school bag so they can remind themselves what they need at any time.

10. Alex and Alexa’s Diesel Paint Splatter Rucksack is very cool, and a guaranteed hit with the older boys.