What I love about school uniform is that it makes all children equal in the playground. It makes them feel that they belong to a community.

I find that when you look smart, you feel smart, and act in a different way. School is hard enough, so if you send them into school looking the part, they’ve won half the battle!

We all know that life certainly isn’t uniform – each and every one of our children is different, so when it comes to finding something hardwearing, practical, yet easy, comfortable and stylish – M&S have it sorted.

Shoes with scuff resistant leather to endure many a playground footie match; stain resistant tees and shirts that will no doubt come into daily collision with paints, felt tips and lunchtimes; and easy-to-iron shirts, making the daily laundry routine for a big family a little more bearable.

The M&S uniform range is SO durable. With adjustable hems and waist lines and new technology built into knits to make them brighter and bobble-free for longer, the Marks and Spencer’s uniform shop is our go-to choice for kids.