Barrington Stoke are a publication company that focus on ‘cracking reading’ – creating children’s books that break down the barriers that can stop kids getting into reading. We’ve teamed up with them to create a list of kids summer reads to help children to continue their learning throughout the holidays. These books have been specifically chosen for those between the ages of 3-8 as fun summer reads for their break from school.

‘Boing Boing’, by Alexander McCall Smith’s, illustrated by Zoe Perisco.
Age: 3+

Boing Boing

‘Freddy And The Pig’, by Charlie Higson, illustrated by Mark Chambers.
Age: Under 5s

Freddy And The Pig

‘We Are Not Frogs’, by Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Sam Usher.
Ages: Under 5s

We Are Not Frogs

‘Billy Button Telegram Boy’ , by Ally Nichols, illustrated by Sheena Dempsey
Age: 5+

Billy Button

‘Granpa Was an Astronaut’, by Jonathan Meres, illustrated by Hannah Coulson
Age: 5+


‘Out for the Count’, by Anne Fine, illustrated by Vicki Gausden
Ages: 5-8

Out for The Count

‘Grey Island, Red Boat’, by Ian Beck
Ages: 5-8

Grey Island Red Boat

‘Anna Liza and the Happy Practice’, by Eoin Colfer, illustrated by Matt Robertson
Ages: 5-8

Anna Liza