I’m so into my ballet at the moment, my daughter’s barely two, and we’ve been doing a class in London that I’ve previously blogged about which is literally the highlight of my week. I was so excited when I heard that Jessica Westwood was starting lessons at the Bamford Haybarn in the Cotswolds and we really enjoyed our class. 

If you live anywhere near, I couldn’t suggest it strongly enough. It hasn’t been going long, so the classes are usually very small, but I don’t expect that will last long! Daylesford also has a great cafe where you could have a snack-lunch before. 

Children’s ballet is £10 per 45 minutes. Baby ballet for 3-4 year olds is £7.50 per 30 minutes. Next stop is adult beginners ballet, which I’m definitely up for! Private lessons are also available on request. To book, call The Hay Barn on 01608 731703, or email haybarn@bamford.com.