This week, My Baba was invited along to the Houses of Parliament to support Meningitis Now in their campaign Beat it Now!

I was ten years old when my little sister, aged six, nearly died from meningococcal septicaemia, so to be able to support the mission and help raise awareness is something quite dear to my heart.

That afternoon, I met a brave mother and father who sadly lost their son to meningitis in 1991, the same year my sister fell ill to the disease. Since their loss, they have dedicated their lives to helping the meningitis charities, rallying MPs and lobbying government.

The Beat it Now campaign is fighting to bring in the lifesaving vaccine for Meningitis B. At present, the vaccine is not included in the childhood immunisation programme, and the charity are fighting tooth and nail to change this.

Meningitis B no longer has to take the lives of our little ones – help today by signing the petition. 

Common signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia: 

Signs and Symptoms of Meningitis

Signs and Symptoms of Meningitis