All year long we look forward to summer (both the weather and the school holidays) and there are tons of things for families to do, see, make and experience over the summer holidays. But for those days when it is pouring with rain outside we all need to get a bit more creative to avoid boredom setting in, whether your kids are 3 or 13!

University Games’ range of games are fun and affordable, and guarantee to banish the rainy day stuck-at-home blues, whether you are playing a game by yourself, with your family or with all your friends round.

Here are University Games’ top 5 summer boredom busters suitable for school kids aged 4 and over:

Sort It Out!:

Can you sort out which is faster, a Cheetah, a Helicopter or a Steam Train? How about which animals brain weights more; a cat, a giraffe, a baboon, a kangaroo or a cow? In Sort It Out!, finding out the correct order is just as much fun as getting it right. (2-4 players. Ages 6+). RRP £14.99

01222 Sort it out Mini Game

Who What Where Jr:

A hilarious drawing game for children. Players sketch the funny and wacky scenes created by combining their ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘where’ cards. Can you draw ‘A bear riding a bike in a cave’ and can the other players guess what has been drawn? (2+ players. Ages 7+). RRP £12.99

01224 WWW Jr Mini Game

Don’t Rock The Boat:

Ahoy, mateys! Arrrrr ye ready to set sail on a rockin’ adventure with a crew of 16 pirate penguins? Take turns balancing the pirate penguins on the ship without making it tip! Be ever so careful, if you rock the boat and send the penguins overboard, ye might have to walk the plank! A fun balancing game for all buccaneers! (2-4 players. Ages 5+). RRP £14.99

3D Pingo Splash

Bunny Jump:

Safely sitting on top of his burrow, the Bunny watches his carrot field. Pull out the carrots, but be careful not to frighten him! Stay focused and be ready to catch him when he jumps in the air! Be the player who’s collected the most carrots when the game ends. (2+ players. Ages 4+). RRP £19.99.

Bunny 3D

Smart Ass:

Have you ever played a game and been bursting to shout out the answer, even when its not your turn? Here’s your chance! Each question has 10 clues, the first player to shout out the correct answer wins the round and takes a step closer to being the ultimate ‘Smart Ass’. (2-8 players. Ages 12+). RRP £19.99

3D Pingo Splash

Chicken Charades

If it’s a crazy, fun, fast-paced family game you’re after, there’s only one to choose and it includes one squeaky chicken, 1,000+ charades, one dice, and one 10-second timer!

In the hilarious and lightning fast game of Chicken Charades you only need two things – you’ve got to be fast (you only have 10 seconds) and you have to use a squeaky chicken to act out your word. Ages 8+. 3+ players. RRP £19.99.