Hello, from the darkest depths of January! My feet are currently frozen, my dogs are fighting over chew toys and my little one is at school, so I am treating myself to a lovely coffee and sending you this lovely tutorial I did.

Today’s makeup tutorial is on Lisa, a mummy of 2 girls, 1 puppy and wife. This woman is stunning, to say the least. When Lisa isn’t running to and from school and pre-school for her awesome girls, looking after their gorgeous puppy and working her tail end-off at home and work, she enjoys a little get together here and there and definitely enjoys getting made up before a night out.

Lisa always looks amazing when I see her, but today we decided to try some new products out and work with some colours she doesn’t always use.

You’ll see in the video how absolutely amazing Lisa’s skin is! I was green with envy!

Here’s What We Used:

Tutorial by Ashley Gifford of Prim Powder Pout