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An Honest Review Of The Clarisonic Mia Smart & Why Every Mum Should Own One

‘We can’t all look good at the same time. It’s either me, the kids or the house’ is a quip that pretty much every woman can relate to. Beauty and skincare easily get sidelined when young children and family life enter the picture, particularly when there’s a newborn in your arms. CurrentBody asked us to review the latest beauty device from Clarisonic to see if it really is simple enough to pep up your postnatal self up or slip seamlessly into a hectic getting-everyone-ready-and-out-the-door-on-time morning routine. Armed with the latest in the line of Clarisonic devices, the Clarisonic Mia Smart, I set myself up on a two-week challenge: (1) to learn what the device can do; (2) to discover its true results; (3) and to find out if I could stick to anything for a fortnight.

What is it?

On the face of it, it’s a facial cleansing brush that just got a lot smarter. Clarisonic has a range of facial cleansing brushes, all of which cleanse six times better than simply washing your face using your hands. The Clarisonic Mia Smart steps things up with a range of attachment heads for different parts of your routine and an app that creates custom skincare routines according to your skin’s needs. The beauty device removes impurities, pollution and makeup, as well as improving the absorption of skincare products.

What do we like about it?

How it slips seamlessly into your routine

If you achieve any part of your skincare regime each day, it’s probably going to be washing your face. I kept the device next to my sink so it was an immediate go-to when I went to cleanse my face.

How an app keeps you organised

The Clarisonic app with videos of how to use the device really helped me get to grips with things quickly. A brief skincare questionnaire helped me decide which routine to choose. A straight-forward Bluetooth pairing loaded the routine onto the device and off I went. There’s a streak and reward system too that keeps you hooked on sticking to your regime.

Its ability to pick up and go

You can choose to pair it with the app or use as a standalone device. When I had a couple of minutes, I liked to be guided by the app and being able to switch between the routines. Other mornings were too hectic to pair the device (or my phone was charging or some other reason), but I never missed a cleansing session.

The swiftness of the routines

The shortest cleansing routine, Gentle Cleanse, is 60 seconds, with the longer Major Makeup Removal routine going for 70 seconds. It’s hardly any time at all, perhaps 30 seconds longer than washing your face with your hands.

An eye massage is always appreciated

I’ve used plenty of soothing and cooling gels over the years to reduce puffiness and disguise tiredness but really all I needed was an eye massager. The 60-second Awaken Eyes routine is an ideal follow up post-cleansing. The cool metal balls vibrate against the skin and help the moisturiser glide onto the skin and absorb. (Pro tip: keep the eye massager attachment in the fridge overnight to boost its cooling, morning pick-me-up action)

It’s one device that does everything

Whether you’re a beauty junkie with every skincare product under the sun or like to keep things simple, everyone should rejoice at this all-in-one device.With a range of different attachment heads, it’s a 5-in-1 deal: cleansing, firming, exfoliating, massaging and makeup blending.

What were the results?

By the end of the fortnight, my new regime was in full swing: gentle cleanse or radiance boost in the mornings, major makeup removal in the evenings, and eye massage a couple of times a week when needed. The results were obvious:

  • My mild inflammation has reduced, making my complexion a lot more even
  • My skin feels cleaner overall, free from impurities and dead skin cells
  • It’s boosted my skin’s radiance, which has made me feel confident and I’ve even left the house without makeup a few times!

Will I be sticking to my new regime?

Yes, I will be sticking to it. I feel like I don’t want to go without it because of the instant radiance boost it gives to my skin each morning. I love that I’ve scrapped the makeup wipes for a device that does the job six times better.

5 reasons why we’d recommend it to mums

  1. It’s an instant booster for skin and confidence
  2. It’s quick and easy to set up and use
  3. It fits seamlessly into a basic daily routine
  4. The eye massager works wonders for firming and feeling awakened
  5. Did I mention my skin is glowing?

Where can you buy it?

You can pick up the Clarisonic Mia Smart on by clicking here. The device retails at £185.

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