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The Get-Up-&-Go Hair Treatment Every Busy Mama Should Know About

Feeling like you’ve no time to look good now you’re a mum? Think again. Indeed, when you’ve got your little one’s sleeping, eating and nursery routine to contend with, there’s little time for sitting in front of the mirror. Without hours to spend on hair and makeup, it’s time to reassess your regime and make it more time efficient. You need a look that has you getting up and ready to go.

For starters, let’s talk about hair. If like me, you’re a die-hard blow-dry fan, that’s not something you’ll want to give up on easily. If — also, like me — you’ve been searching all your life for something to tame your unruly locks, we’ve found just the thing.

It’s a Brazilian blow-dry but not as you know it. After a cut and finish session with my hairdresser taming and tidying up my hair, she suggested I look into a traditional Brazilian blow-dry. While some reckon it’s the best showbiz secret to get out, others have hair horror stories. It was reported in the Daily Mail that the high levels of Formaldehyde in a Brazilian blow-dry treatment were contributing to hair loss, as well as the fumes that are given off in the heating process resulting in headaches and nausea. While not all treatments had percentages of Formaldehyde above the legal EU limit, the use of the ingredient steered people and stylists away from the treatment. A bad consultation, an unprofessional stylist and the wrong brand of treatment wouldn’t be worth the damage in aspiring for Jennifer Aniston’s luscious locks.


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Then I was talked into trying Braliz, the latest Formaldehyde-free take on the traditional Brazilian blow-dry to land in London. Braliz ambassador and hair stylist Jack Merrick Thirlway was to give me a consultation and do the treatment on my hair at Neville Hair & Beauty in Knightsbridge. He was very opposed to the Formaldehyde treatments, which instilled in me some relief that I hadn’t jumped in with it six months earlier. Jack agreed to be an ambassador for Braliz after being wowed results by the treatment, despite it not containing the chemicals initially believed to be integral in creating a sleek, smooth finish. This echoed Zoe Carnell, the co-founder DC Salon Products who said: “Traditional Brazilian blow dry treatments can cause long-lasting damage to the hair, but with Braliz, repeated use actually helps to improve the condition and quality of the hair creating a healthy-looking finish.”

What is Braliz?

In a nutshell, it’s a more natural and nourishing take on the traditional Brazilian blow-dry. As Jack explained to me, the result will be “like your natural hair but better”. The outcome will also depend on your hair type. With my natural waviness, it wouldn’t come out poker straight (the result I was dreading) but rather a better, healthier and frizz-free version of my natural look. It’s also humidity resistant — a dream for holidays and unpredictable British weather.


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The formula of Braliz contains none of the harsh chemicals found in traditional Brazilian blowdries that, despite delivering a great initial result, can over time damage the hair. Instead, Braliz contains replenishing natural ingredients, including Brazilian Botanical Bioactives (BBB), guarana, cashew, and Brazil nut oils. Another shift from the Brazilian blow-dry is that Braliz has no fumes, no odour or smoking when heat is applied.

The treatment lasts up to three months.

What should you expect?

The treatment takes about two hours but can be longer depending on the length of your hair. Your hair is washed and rough blowdried. Then the stylist divides up your hair, spritzes every section of it with the Braliz formula and straightens it in. You’ll come out of the salon with poker-straight hair but once you wash it, you’ll have your natural wave back, minus the frizz and super shiny. There’s no need to wait as hair can be washed immediately after treatment without affecting the sleek and shiny results.

Would we recommend it?

For me, my hair takes half the time to blow-dry and style. It still feels like my hair; it doesn’t feel stiff or greasy, it feels soft and smooth. A month and a half on, I’m still wowed by the outcome.

For busy mums, it’s a great way to stay looking your best without taking hours out of your day and it frees up time for the more important things.

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