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Top Bedside Cribs: Close Comfort For Peaceful Nights

We explore the benefits of bedside cribs, their features, and why they’re becoming increasingly popular among parents. Join us as we delve into the world of close comfort, ensuring that both you and your baby enjoy restful nights and peaceful sleep.

Bedside cribs offer several benefits for both parents and babies:


The crib allows your baby to sleep close to you, promoting bonding and making nighttime feedings and comforting easier for you.


Bedside cribs provide a separate sleep surface for your baby while still allowing them to be within arm’s reach. This reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and suffocation.


With a bedside crib, you can easily reach your baby for soothing, feeding, or comforting without having to get out of bed, which can be especially helpful during the night when you’re tired.

Promotes breastfeeding:

Having your baby close by encourages breastfeeding, as it allows for more frequent and convenient nighttime nursing sessions.

Transition to independent sleep:

Bedside cribs can make the transition to independent sleep in a separate crib or room smoother when the time comes, as your baby is already accustomed to their own sleeping space.

Peace of mind:

Knowing that your baby is safely sleeping close to you can provide peace of mind and alleviate anxiety for many parents, especially during the early weeks and months.

Overall, bedside cribs offer a safe and convenient sleeping arrangement that promotes bonding between parents and babies while also ensuring everyone gets a good night’s rest.

Top Bedside Cribs


Air Bedside Crib, Shnuggle

The Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib provides a secure, snug, and proximate sleeping environment for your baby. Designed to adjust in height to align perfectly with your bed, it features breathable mesh sides and comes with an additional breathable mattress to enhance airflow. Its incline feature aids in alleviating colic and reflux, offering versatility as both a standalone crib and an attached co-sleeping option, ensuring your baby sleeps safely in their own dedicated space.

Sweet2Sleep, Graco

Sweet2Sleep is the perfect bedside companion to keep your precious newborn nearby while also giving them a safe space to dream. Whether you are recovering from birth or taking care of all those night-time wakings, baby is safely in their crib when you need easy access. Sweet2Sleep can be used when you bring baby home from the hospital up to approximately 6 months (9kg).

Taking the night shift with your newborn has never been easier. The easy-access side rail raises and lowers with just one hand, making it possible to do everything you need from the comfort of your bed. When not attached to the bed, tilt Sweet2Sleep to any of the 4 positions to help baby digest that middle-of-the-night feed more easily. With the 11 height adjustments, you can make Sweet2Sleep fit perfectly to your bed. The folding feet can bring the crib closer to your bed if you have a divan or an enclosed space under your bed.

Maxi-Cosi Iora Air Co-Sleeper Crib, Very

A cozy co-sleeping area, complete with a gentle rocking feature, ensures your baby’s comfort and proximity to you. This setup makes soothing your little one and handling night feeds much more convenient, fostering a deeper bond between you both.

Featuring superior cushioning and support, the plush mattress provides unparalleled comfort, allowing your baby to experience restful and soothing sleep.

Crafted from breathable fabrics all around, this setup maximizes air circulation, ensuring your baby sleeps soundly and comfortably at all times.

BabaBing! Home, Bedside & Travel Crib, John Lewis

The Bababing Crib, honored with the RedDot award, serves as both a convenient travel crib and a bedside crib. Equipped with zip-down sides and adjustable features to fit all beds, it also includes under storage for added convenience while on the go. Crafted with a luxurious, soft, and breathable inner lining (Kose Cool™), it ensures optimal comfort for babies.

This space-saving crib is effortlessly portable within the home and for visits to friends and family. It’s particularly well-suited for smaller living areas. Its compact design makes it an excellent choice for hotels accommodating guests with infants, as it can be easily stowed under the bed when not in use.

SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib, Snuz

The SnuzPod?, the pioneering bedside crib. Experience restful sleep, convenient feeding, and enhanced closeness with your baby. As the UK’s top-selling bedside crib, it features an innovative ComfortAir system, ensuring superb breathability through its unique air-flow vents, machine-washable mesh liner, and enhanced base ventilation. These features contribute to regulating your baby’s temperature, promoting a peaceful night’s sleep for both baby and you. Additionally, the SnuzPod? includes a lightweight removable bassinet and a breathable mattress with a 3D mesh cover, providing comprehensive support all around.

Joie Baby Roomie Glide Sleep Bedside Travel Cot, John Lewis

The Joie Roomie Glide Co-Sleeper offers the perfect arrangement for sleeping alongside your baby while ensuring both of you have ample space to move comfortably. With its convenient single-hand glide and sliding side panel, the Roomie Glide provides an ideal solution for a peaceful night’s sleep with your baby close by.

Designed with a smooth single-hand glide function, this bedside crib enables you to gently ease your little one into sleep without having to leave your own bed. Whether your baby prefers a calm or energetic rhythm, the Roomie Glide allows you to adjust the pace to suit their needs, ensuring a restful night for both of you. Once your baby is sound asleep and you’ve finished soothing, the one-touch glide lock secures the Roomie Glide in place for added peace of mind.

Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib, Very

The CoZee Bedside Crib, along with its foam mattress, is crafted to facilitate the nurturing connection between you and your baby. Versatile in function, it can serve as both a bedside crib and a standalone one. Its groundbreaking 30-second open-and-fold mechanism enables mobility, allowing you to utilize the crib while on the go. With this feature, the CoZee Bedside Crib becomes your baby’s comforting sanctuary wherever you may be.

Chicco Next 2 Me Magic Evo Bedside Crib, John Lewis

Introducing the Chicco Next2Me Magic Evo, the latest solution for co-sleeping. With a simple gesture, you can activate the crib’s rocking mode, providing a gentle sway to help soothe your baby to sleep.

The Next2Me Magic Evo ensures your baby sleeps safely beside you, enabling swift responses for feeding, changing, or comforting during the night. Featuring 11 adjustable heights, you can customize it to align perfectly with your bed. Additionally, its foldable feet and four wheels offer easy mobility, allowing you to effortlessly move and adjust the crib as needed within your home.

Mamas & Papas Lua Bedside Crib, Very

The Lua bedside crib by Mamas & Papas introduces a new level of convenience for keeping your baby safely close. Whether positioned next to your bed or utilizing the removable bassinet for daytime naps elsewhere in the house, the Lua features drop-down sides with an auto-return function, facilitating easy access for comforting cuddles or night-time nursing.

Crafted with mesh fabric panels and a soft, breathable mattress, the Lua ensures your little one enjoys optimal comfort while snoozing, allowing you to rest assured as you keep a watchful eye on them. Its contemporary minimalist design adds a touch of sophistication to any home decor. Plus, with real parent testing, you can trust that the Lua is exceptionally safe for your baby to sleep soundly beside you.

BassiNest Flex, HALO

The bassinet’s clever portable design means parents can move it around the home for daytime naps, allowing daily chores to be carried out with peace of mind, while baby sleeps soundly and safely close to hand.

The HALO Flex can be folded completely flat for easy storage in even the smallest of places and comes with a handy carry bag, making it ideal for travel.

Sharing many of the same features as the BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, the BassiNest Flex includes the patented lowering bedside wall, so parents can care for their baby from the comfort of their own bed. This design is particularly helpful for breastfeeding mums or mums recovering from C-sections. The BassiNest Flex also features the same mesh breathable sides, so parents can see their baby at all times.

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