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6 Reasons You Need To Look Into Acupressure Massage

What IS an acupressure massage?

An acupressure massage is an ancient remedy of Chinese traditional medicine known to relieve pain in specific areas of the body.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, people have meridians or channels throughout the body. Qi, which is understood as a life-sustaining energy force, runs along those meridians. Qi can become stuck at some points along the meridians, and the goal of acupressure is to keep the energy flowing using pressure at specific points.

What is the Pranamat ECO?

Pranamat ECO is essentially a bed of nails, or rather – very pretty prickly lotus flowers that provide you with a deep, intense massage in the comfort of your own home. Pramanamat ECO is a massage set that activates the body to boost its own natural defences, metabolism and blood circulation.

How does it work?

All you have to do is lie down and relax. It might look a little scary to begin with, but honestly, the sensation of the mat’s prickles is pretty amazing once you’ve got into position.

The massage mat is designed specifically to enable you to places the desired parts of the body onto the mat for acupressure benefits. It concentrates on your back, shoulders, neck, waist, hips, feet and hands.

We know that massage has multiple benefits for health and self-care, and the guys at Pranamat ECO are big believers in incorporating this massage into your everyday routine in order to reap huge benefits.

Here are just a few reasons why we think you should take a closer look at Pranamat ECO.


Pranamat ECO fosters body-wide relaxation and brings a feeling of calm to the mind. Well-being is holistic: whole body, whole spirit, whole mind, and with this one positive habit, you’ll see a ripple of beneficial effects.

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Better sleep

Better sleep. Yes! You heard it here first. Carving out time to just simply lie on the mat will give you improved sleep at nighttime, with a better chance of regeneration. Sounds a little sci-fi, but honestly, who doesn’t need regenerating every once in a while? Just ask the Doctor!

Feeling positive

Feeling positive. Using Pranamat ECO as a go-to for twenty to forty-five minutes of rest time will create lasting feelings of joy, harmony, and peace, leaving you feeling happier and healthier.

Relieves muscular pain and tension

The mat relieves all sorts of joint and muscular pain and tension, as well as helping headaches and migraines.

Reduces stress

Suffering from stress? Finding downtime to do nothing but lie down while enjoying the physical and mental benefits of acupressure will help you fight back at the many stressors in your life.

Improves skin tone

By exerting evenly-distributed acupressure on more than 5000 points on the skin, Pranamat ECO increases blood and lymphatic flow and nourishes the skin cells with oxygen. Regular use of Pranamat ECO promises to minimise the appearance of uneven skin, improves skin tone, leaving your skin supple and elastic.


It’s eco-friendly, using sustainable 100% linen, natural coconut fibre, HIPS plastic and odor-free cotton.

What’s not to love?! To shop Pranamat ECO click here.


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