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January Goals: Spin From The Comfort Of Your Own Home With Online Classes From Echelon

If you’ve been watching the Sex and The City reboot, you might be feeling cautious about investing in an exercise bike. But in reality, an exercise bike can offer a great aerobic workout, whilst being gentle on your joints. The best it? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve been testing the super sleek Echelon Sport S Smart Connect bike for a fair few weeks now. Our verdict? A huge thumbs up. This smart bike comes with a year’s free membership and access to thousands of live and on-demand cycling classes led by world-class instructors, so you’ll never have to pay out for a gym subscription again. Here’s our review.

Echelon Sport S Smart Connect Bike

Using an exercise bike will help strengthen your heart, lungs and muscles. It’s also an effective way to burn calories and body fat. Thing is, if you’re a busy working parent, the struggle to find the time to get to the gym or a fitness class is real; we understand. But if the alternative of working out alone at home dismays you, then fear not.

The Echelon Sport S Smart Connect bike is uber-modern and offers a completely immersive experience that will transport you from your living room. Built with a 10 inch integrated screen that connects to a variety of workouts, the Sport S aims to keep you engaged with your exercise routine. (Or, you can position the bike in front of your telly and watch Eastenders, if you want. No judgement here.)


Best exercise bike

The Echelon Sport S is pretty similar to something you’d find in your local gym, and it would make a very smart addition to any home setup. The Sport S is easy to put together at home. Its high-quality frame doesn’t fold, but its compact footprint means this is a bike that won’t look out of place in your living space. With easy-move wheels, it doesn’t need to be stuck in one place. As long as it’s near a plug when you’re working out, you’re all set.


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Comfortable exercise bike

Exercise bikes can be notoriously uncomfortable, especially if you’re as short as I am. But at 5 foot 3, I was pleasantly surprised with how well this bike fits me, and adjusts just as well to accommodate my man mountain of a husband. In fact, the Sport S Smart Connect ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort. Its deluxe competition-style seat and fully padded, ergonomic easy-grip handlebars can be adjusted to your height and seating preference. The bike is designed to align your body for maximum comfort, so you can work out efficiently.

What we love about the Sport S is that it’s adjustable in pretty much every way. It’s super quiet, it’s easy to use, and the ride is incredibly smooth. The other really great thing about the Echelon Sport S is that it effectively caters to any fitness level. Whether you’re a keen cyclist or a beginner, the bike’s 32 manual resistance levels and 7G flywheel means you can take things at your own pace.

Echelon Fit app

Don’t panic. The Echelon Fit app is completely user-friendly, and available to download from all your usual platforms. Pair the app with the Sport S via Bluetooth to monitor your performance, set goals and constantly challenge yourself. The app and online membership give you the opportunity to experience thousands of live and on-demand cycling classes led by world-class instructors, all via the built-in screen on your bike. What’s brilliant is that there are classes for all fitness and activity levels, so you don’t need to be shy at getting started.

Pre-natal exercise classes

Indoor cycling is a low-impact activity that’s brilliant during pregnancy for both you and your baby. Not only will it keep you fit and strong, but it can also improve your mood and energy levels. Echelon’s series of brand new pre-natal classes are ideal for mothers and mothers-to-be. Dedicated to women in the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy, each class focuses on five key movements: Mobility, Upper Strength, Lower Strength, Core and Low Impact. Other than the Low Impact sessions, all classes are off the bike.

Each pre-natal class is only 15 minutes long, but they’re buildable, so if you want to do a full-body workout, you can complete a series of classes for a 60-minute session!

Postpartum: are exercise bikes good for losing belly fat?

You’ll need to be signed off by your health professional before you start postpartum exercise, but once you’re ready, an indoor exercise bike presents the perfect solution. Spinning postpartum will help you gently strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles and increase your energy levels. Choose to cycle freestyle or play one of the many on-demand classes so that you work out around your baby’s routine with absolutely no pressure.

You don’t need to worry about increasing intensity and duration when you first start out, you can take it all at your own pace. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, and invest in a sports bra that feels comfy for you.

What are you waiting for?

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There’s no doubt that Echelon’s Sport S Smart Connect bike is an investment, but on the upside, this is one piece of kit that’s going to last, and keep you interested at the same time. This isn’t a bike that’s going to gather dust. Find out more today.

NB: Always consult your doctor or healthcare professional before embarking on a new health or fitness regime. 


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