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Thinking About Extra Online Tuition For Your Child? Here’s What To Consider…

Homeschooling is set to come to an end soon, but with so many parents worried their kids are behind, online tutoring is in-demand more than ever before. Many parents are busy weighing up the benefits of extra online tuition for their kids. Here are a few things to consider, and why we think north London based tuition centre inTuition Clubs would make a great choice for your child.

What are the benefits of private tuition?

According to leading educational research centre the Education Endowment Foundation, one to one tuition can add up to 5 months’ progress to a child’s learning. Extra tuition has been proven to boost the happiness and wellbeing of your child, especially in subjects they lack confidence in.

If you’re looking to invest in extra online tuition for your child, it’s wise to do a bit of research before you book.

Online tuition for primary school kids

You should look to find a tutoring service that specialises in education for your child’s correct age group, and one that’s going to offer an approach that will suit your child’s individual needs. And of course, make sure you check their credentials.

Introducing inTuition Clubs

inTuition Clubs offer a modern approach to learning for children aged 3-11+, and all tutors are in possession of a bachelor degree, are DBS checked, and share a strong passion for education.

A variety of subjects

There’s obviously a huge benefit to finding one tuition centre that can support your child from early years all the way through, and one that will offer tutoring on a variety of subjects.

UK national curriculum

Based on the UK national curriculum, inTuition Clubs combine both leading-edge technology and physical learning tools within an inspiring environment to ensure your child receives the maximum value from their tuition experience.

inTuition’s online tutoring programmes currently comprises tuition for Early Years (30 to 60 months), primary school tutoring, KS1 and KS2 tutoring, and 11 Plus tuition. All children can take Maths, English and Science, and each session can either be mixed or focused on one or two subjects depending on teacher recommendations and parent requests. They also offer a 11+ programme which is very inclusive and exam paper focused.


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What sort of approach is best for your child?

Online tuition isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ educational tool, in fact, there are lots of options available for kids when it comes to how they learn.

A modern, affordable and flexible approach to online tutoring has to be the way forward, and that’s exactly what’s on offer at inTuition Clubs. Their diverse team of qualified and experienced tutors work to fuel your child’s ambition and learning aspirations to develop a consistent desire for continuous learning. They do this through praise-based, blended learning where your child will be challenged, recognised and rewarded for their efforts.

In addition to focusing on academic achievement, the team at inTuition Clubs embrace a more rounded and robust approach to assessing your child’s needs. An assessment enables them to adjust the session content, delivery style and child-tutor communication in a way that is tailored to your child’s optimum learning style.

Leading education technology

With the world online more than ever before, it’s worth investigating in a company that uses technology to enhance learning. inTuition use cutting edge technology to assign students engaging work, as well as software that tracks your child’s progress. This allows them to keep detailed information about topics covered, and ascertain strengths and weakness for their tailored approach to learning.

Engaging and tailored classes

Each individual child is fully supported on their learning journey with tailored sessions to meet the specific needs of every child. Small group or individual sessions are offered to suit different learning styles, with groups never bigger than three children.

inTuition classes always kick off with a starter activity to ensure children begin their class motivated and focused; this also creates a positive learning environment that encourages children’s learning. Each class is an hour-long, and structured into two parts, the first one being interactive content, while the second part is individual guided learning on EdPlace. Class topic and activities are specifically created for the children attending.

Session start times and flexibility

InTuition Clubs offers many starting times and classes can be booked with 48 hours notice, with a flexible schedule to suit different commitments week to week.

Regular tutor feedback

Feedback can improve a student’s confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning, and that’s why inTuition’s internal system ensures your child’s progression is constantly reviewed. There are also regular progression meetings between the Educational Lead and you, as parents, so you can assess your child’s progression and discuss future goals.


inTuition Clubs offer various memberships with a price per class starting from just £16.25 per hour, which is extremely competitive for what they offer.

Childcare vouchers

It’s also worth looking to see if your tuition centre accepts tax-free childcare and childcare vouchers – inTuition can accommodate this.

Book a taster session

It’s always wise to book in a taster session before committing to a larger package. A taster session is useful for kids to see how a private lesson works, as well as being a great way for the tutor to assess the child so they can put together an appropriate learning programme. inTuition’s free one-hour sessions are taken by their educational lead.

There are a variety of membership packages available at inTuition Clubs, depending on your requirements, and the needs of your child.

  • Single membership: 4  small group sessions (Maths and English: 5-11 years old) £100
  • Double membership: 8 small group sessions (Maths and English 5-11 years old) £130
  • 1 to 1 online membership: 8 sessions (Maths and English 5-11 years old) £160
  • 11-plus membership: 8 sessions *- £150

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