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The Low-Down On Rotating Car Seats: How Essential Are They?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a new parent is choosing which car seat is best for your baby. If you’re wondering about the benefits of a rotating car seat, we’re on hand to help you weigh up your options.

In a spin about rotating car seats?

We hear you. Nothing is more important than keeping your precious bundle safe on the roads, but we understand that shopping for a car seat for your child can be a tricky business. There’s so much choice, and often, the terminology and language used, safety advice and all the laws surrounding car seats can feel completely overwhelming.

To celebrate the launch of Turn2Me, Graco’s new Isofix rotating car seat that swivels 360° and offers the complete package of safety and comfort guaranteed, we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to help readers better understand this popular new category of car seats on offer.

We take a closer look at this new category of car seat that has become increasingly popular in recent years together with what we feel are the benefits of investing in a rotating car seat.

What is a rotating car seat?

Often referred to as a swivel, rotating or spin car seat, each car seat in this category share one thing in common – the car seat rotates on the base.

First and foremost, you’ll want to be sure your child is the right age and weight for this stage car seat. If you’re unsure of the law around this, the article is super helpful.

We’ve come up with a checklist of questions – if your answer is ‘yes’ to one or more of these, we think a rotating car seat could be for you.

  • Have you had to contort yourself in a strange position to put your child in or take them out of their car seat?
  • Are you dealing with a tantrumming toddler who doesn’t like the thought of getting into their car seat?
  • Do you or a family member have a bad back and find it challenging to get your child in or out of the car?
  • Do you worry about disturbing your sleeping baby as you transition them from the car to the house or pushchair?
  • Do you struggle to remove and reinstall your rearward car seat to face forward?
  • Are you keen for your baby to be rearward facing in their car seat for longer?
  • Would you like to use the time it takes to transition your baby from your arms to the car as a time to bond?
  • The driving factors for many parents that purchase a rotating car seat are ease of transition and added safety.

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What are the benefits of a rotating car seat?

A swivel car seat allows you to turn the seat towards the door, making it easier to put your baby in to, and take them out of the car. If your little one is napping, transitioning them from car seat to cot or pushchair can be done with minimal disruption.

Rotating car seats make it easier to switch from rearward-facing to forward-facing. As many spin car seats are in the Group 0+/1 category, they offer the flexibility of having your child rear-facing up until 18kg, or around 4 years of age.  Most swivel car seats also have a base installed with Isofix connectors, which offers unparalleled safety and security.

Here are some things to consider when buying a rotating car seat

Does the seat rotate 180° or 360°?

Car seats that turn 180° essentially spin from one side to the other, which helps with getting the child in and out of the car and strapping them in.  However, car seats that spin a full 360° give parents the choice on whether to have little one rearward or forward facing. The Graco Turn2Me swivels a full 360° meaning you have complete choice of forward or extended rearward facing.

Is the seat easy to rotate?

Different methods are used to enable the seat to spin on its base. Some seats feature a button, others will have a lever, and occasionally seats have to be unclicked from the base in order for it to rotate to a different position.  The Graco Turn2Me smoothly spins 360° with just one hand, and in one smooth motion guaranteeing a fuss free way to get little ones in and out of the car and making the switch between forward and rearward facing incredibly easy.

Is the seat easy to install?

Most rotating car seats will be installed with Isofix connectors on the base of the seat.  For peace of mind, the Graco Turn2Me features a one-click Isofix with an intuitive rearward/forward facing locking system, meaning the car seat installs easily and instantly; with the added benefit of an integrated colour-coded indicator so you can be 100 per cent sure of the installation.

Will my child be comfortable?

For the ultimate comfy ride, especially on long journeys, it’s essential to invest in a car seat that reclines.

The Graco Turn2Me offers a five position recline in both rearward and forward-facing modes, and improved neck and back support for ultimate relaxation.  The no-rebound bar means there is extra legroom when in rear-facing mode.

What happens when my child grows?

When purchasing a rotating car seat, make sure you consider how easily the headrest and harness can be adjusted. With the Graco Turn2Me, the headrest and harness are easily adjusted together as your child grows.  The no re-thread harness always ensures a correct fit, giving you complete peace of mind that the seat is safe and secure.

How much should I be spending?

Most models of rotating car seat are designed for a child up to 4 years of age and they can be pricey, with price points ranging from £200 – 400. When you’re considering your options, it’s worth investigating whether the base is sold separately.

The Graco Turn2Me is exceptional value at £150 which also includes the base. Always check that the seat has met the necessary safety standards and testing.

Turn heads with Graco’s Turn2Me Isofix Rotating Car Seat

Graco’s Turn2Me is an Isofix rotating car seat that swivels 360° for ultimate ease. Its superb comfort and high spec safety features make this a brilliant choice for your growing child. Turn2Me will grow with your baby into early childhood, offering extended rearward facing from 0-18kg (birth to approx. 4 years) and forward-facing from 9-18kg (1 to approx. 4 years).

A welcome addition to its car seat family, Turn2Me comes to market with Graco’s hallmark exceptional value with no compromise on safety or quality.

Turn2Me for a helping hand

Turn2Me smoothly spins 360° with just one hand, and in one motion, for a fuss-free way to get little ones in and out of the car. The spin seat makes the switch between forward and rearward facing incredibly easy.

Turn2Me for safety

For peace of mind, the one-click Isofix with an intuitive rearward/forward-facing locking system means the car seat installs easily and instantly, with the added benefit of an integrated colour-coded indicator. With a 12-position loadleg parents can find the very best fit for their car. The seat also features side impact protection and ensures the child has powerful head and body protection at each stage of use.

Turn2Me for relaxation

Turn2Me’s five-position recline in both rearward and forward-facing modes incorporates improved neck and back support for ultimate relaxation on the go. The no-rebound bar means there is extra legroom when in rear-facing mode.

Turn2Me for comfort

There’s no expense spared on comfort, with a luxury padded headrest, newborn insert, harness and buckle covers. You can adjust the headrest and harness as your child grows. The no re-thread harness always ensures a correct fit and built-in side ventilation helps to keep baby cool.

Shop now

Graco has supported generations of parents through the LOLS and lows of parenting; offering affordable but dependable nursery products that parents can rely on and trust.

Graco Turn2Me 360° Rotating Isofix Car Seat RRP £149.95.


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