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Wonder & Ink: The Ultimate Members’ Club For Extraordinary Kids’ Experiences

In the bustling city of London, where creativity knows no bounds, there’s a secret society that’s transforming the lives of children aged 6 to 12. Say hello to Wonder & Ink, the haven for parents and their lucky little ones. Wonder & Ink is not your typical club; it’s a doorway to a world of wonder and inspiration. If you’re seeking the ultimate experiences, expert guidance, and tailored recommendations for your child, look no further.

Wonder & Ink

Wonder & Ink is providing parents with the previously impossible – bespoke educational experiences for kids. And the best bit? It’s so easy. They’re the experts when it comes to creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences in any given subject at a time and location of your choosing. Everything is personally customised for each child.

Bespoke educational experiences

Wonder & Ink specialises in crafting half-day, one-on-one, custom-tailored workshop sessions that provide the children of its members with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a wide array of subjects and disciplines. The range of experiences is extensive, encompassing everything from painting, robotics, creative writing, animation, and film-making to studio recording, archaeology, sports technique refinement, dance, acting, photography, and sculpture.


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Time to dream big

Members are encouraged to dream big and request their own unique experiences, and the dedicated Wonder & Ink head experts will stop at nothing to locate the perfect specialist and curate the ideal experience. Every single experience is guided by Wonder & Ink’s experts in their respective fields. What’s more, the majority of these extraordinary sessions can take place right in the comfort of your home, although some can be arranged in exclusive venues such as galleries, museums, courts, clubs, studios, or any professional space of your choosing. At Wonder & Ink, the world is your oyster, and the learning possibilities are limitless!

Meet the in-home experts

Wonder & Ink’s team of experts are all specialists in their specific field, whether that’s art, science, sport, music, academics, technology or wellbeing.  They’re all passionate about their subject matter and teach in an engaging, energising, on-your-feet style that kids will love.

Experts include Ph.D. Drs, deputy heads, heads of department, artists, directors, DoPs, musicians, head coaches, ex-professional sportsmen and sportswomen, Oxford & Cambridge Ph.D. Graduates, Royal Academy of Dance Graduates, celebrity chefs and bakers… The list goes on!

Back-to-back courses with a star-studded line-up of experts

The courses provided by Wonder & Ink’s experts are bespoke, one-on-one experiences meticulously tailored to help your child master specific skills or produce certain works. Members are welcome to book back-to-back courses for ongoing training, teaching and practice. However, it’s worth noting that each course is thoughtfully designed for your individual child, with a predetermined number of sessions or weeks, so as to focus the learning and production effectively.

Recommendations of new things to see and do

At the heart of the Wonder & Ink membership is the biweekly, beautifully crafted and easy-to-read newsletter brimming with curated recommendations.

These suggestions encompass a wide range of non-Wonder & Ink experiences, activities, learning opportunities, sights to see, items to purchase, or services to book, all carefully selected to enrich your child’s life. Occasionally, they may also extend recommendations to benefit the member directly, especially when it aligns with their child’s education, talents, or overall well-being.

Each email contains a carefully chosen selection of six gems. Wonder & Ink’s recommendations leave no stone unturned, covering any and everything you could need for your child, all delivered at the highest calibre. From specialists and camps to books, academic resources, exhibitions, productions, experiences, and courses, they’ve got every area of your child’s enrichment covered.

Membership: here’s how to join

Membership is simple. It’s a monthly commitment, but there’s no requirement for a minimum number of months. You can choose to join for just one month if that’s what you prefer. However, do keep in mind that Wonder & Ink maintains a limited total membership to guarantee top-notch service and availability of experts and experiences for members. So, if you find yourself on a waiting list, don’t worry! You can still book an Experience or Expert Course while you wait for your full membership access.


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