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14 Best Apps For New Mums 2024

Navigating a new baby’s first few weeks and months can be a roller coaster ride. Why not make life a little easier with the help of one of these best apps for new mums? From expert, day-to-day advice on your baby’s developmental stages, to breastfeeding support, mental health and meeting new mamas, we’ve chosen fourteen apps for new mums we know you’ll love.

Best apps for new mums

Bedtime Stories – Stella Sleep

The Stella Sleep App offers 50+ hours of specially written stories, meditations and music, sounds and lullabies to help babies, toddlers and children learn to fall asleep faster, and for longer. Parents can use the app to find content for bedtime and daytime relaxation as well as social-emotional learning content. With white noise available, the Stella Sleep app is ideal for newborn babies too.

There’s a wide range of magical audio to choose from, so every little listener will be able to find their favourite characters and narrators, thanks to the app’s line-up of world-renowned voices such as John Cleese. Designed by parents for parents in collaboration with sleep experts, the Stella Sleep App uses an evidence-based approach to producing the best original sleep stories for children, making bedtime dreamy.

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app will help you get the most out of the magical leaps your baby will go through, with some expert advice on how you can support and stimulate your baby’s development as they grow.

It’s one of the best apps for new mums because it’s brilliant for tracking precious moments and milestones. The app’s personalised chart that provides you with all the dates that mark a specific difference in your baby’s mental development. You’ll get notifications when your baby is making a leap, as well as an explanation as to what your baby can understand and learn after their mental leap, so you can really get to know your little one.

The Wonder Weeks: Back to You Programme

The Back To You program is a revolutionary postpartum program designed to guide you to recover both physically as well as mentally. Did you know, for example, that the structure of your brain changes after the delivery? That is why BTY has been written based on the premise that everything is related and everything affects everything else.

There are mummy-proof workouts, and XL Challenges. In every 3-week block, you choose four challenges based on the XL-Fundamentals: “diet,” “rest and relaxation,” “posture and breathing,” and “exercise and training.” The XL-Challenges offer you challenges and fun things to try out and they have a massive positive impact on your health, looks, and recovery.

Peanut: Find Friends & Support

Over 2 million women have joined Peanut to connect, ask questions and find support. Whether you’re navigating fertility, pregnancy, motherhood or menopause, the app provides access to a community who are there to listen, share information and offer valuable advice. The app offers a range of features:

  • Meet: Discover women nearby who are at a similar stage in life
  • Chat: Talk to your matches via chat or video call
  • Groups: Join groups and find communities with common interests
  • Share: Ask questions, search advice and share stories across meaningful topics
  • Pods: Join live audio conversations hosted by experts

Safety is embedded throughout the Peanut experience to encourage caring, supportive and purposeful connections, and all profiles on Peanut are verified with selfie verification.



Clementine is on a mission to reduce the stress and build the confidence of millions of women. It’s an app by women, for women who want to radiate confidence but are struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem or just feel overwhelmed with the daily grind. Clementine helps women to sleep better and feel calmer.

It includes easy access to a range of hypnotherapy sessions, courses and the option to have mantras pop up on your phone.


Annabel Karmel’s Baby & Toddler Recipes

Prepare healthy, quick, easy and nutritious meals for children of every age and stage with the Annabel Karmel Healthy Baby & Toddler Recipes app.

Now updated and filled with over 300 delicious recipes and cooking ideas for kids, meal planners, baby shopping lists and more. It’s the handiest guide for simple mealtime inspiration for busy parents when preparing baby or weaning food like purees through to toddler meals or just cooking for the whole family this festive season.


Bubble – Babysitters On Demand

Bubble makes finding amazing childcare incredibly easy and safe, from local babysitters to full-time nannies. Rated 5 stars on Trustpilot, over 100,000 parents have trusted Bubble to find reputable and qualified babysitters on demand.

You can use Bubble in the daytime and evenings. It’s totally flexible and gives you complete control over the extra care you might need for your child.

Bubble’s roster of babysitters includes teachers, kids’ entertainers and nursery workers, all ready to get to work sensibly and safely, so you and your family have the support you need.


NCT  Babychange

Need a last-minute nappy change when you least expect it? We’ve all been there – more than once! The NCT free parent-friendly app is genius. It helps parents take the stress out of finding somewhere to change a baby by showing them the way to baby changing facilities nearby.

Parents can add new facilities they find and rate them on cleanliness, too.

Sound Sleeper: Baby Sleep

If you’re a new mum, a white noise toy or an app with options to help your baby nap and sleep peacefully is worth considering. The Sound Sleeper app is in our top pick of best apps for new mums because it offers white noise, soothing nature sounds, music and lullabies to calm your baby. There are many different options to choose from, so you can discover what works for your little one. Choose from white noises, rain, womb and lullabies, as well as a curated compilation of music for relaxation.

The app automatically activates if your baby wakes up at night, so you might not even have to get out of bed to soothe your baby! You can also record your own sounds or stories, and there’s also inbuilt sleep-tracking tech so you can learn about your baby’s sleep patterns.

Baby Feed Timer, Breastfeeding

As best apps for new mums go, this is a great option if you’re looking for something breastfeeding-specific. Recommended by NHS midwives, Baby Feed Timer was designed by and for breastfeeding mothers who want to track when and for how long their baby feeds. There are also useful reminders for when a feed is due, as well as advice on which breast to start on!

This app is useful for tracking breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, diapers, sleep, medication, solid food, baby’s weight and baby’s length. You can also make notes (ideal for recording baby’s temperature and medicine given) and set notifications/alerts.


For a one-stop-shop option, Onoco is a great shout. It’s definitely one of our top picks when it comes to the best apps for new mums. Onoco is a baby tracker, family organiser and baby development app all in one. You can track feeds, sleep and nappies in those early days, share information, receive updates and display activities alongside your baby’s normal daily routine, such as doctor’s appointments and healthcare visits.

By using the same Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework as nurseries, pre-schools and registered childminders in the United Kingdom, Onoco tracks your baby’s development from birth to 5 years.

The app is packed with lots of expert advice to help your little one to achieve milestones, with tips tailored tto your child’s age and grouped by developmental areas and aspects of learning. You can also share moments and milestones with friends and family.

Tinybeans Family Album

When it comes to the best apps for sharing memories, check out Tinybeans. Tinybeans is a great go-to resource for all things parenting. The app provides users with connection and reassurance through the journey of parenthood, as well as a safe space to store and share memories.

Tinybeans offer a brilliant and secure way of sharing photos of your family with your loved ones, providing you with the daily inspiration, recommendations and connections everyone needs to raise tiny, happy humans.

Baby Tracker – Newborn Log

When it comes to the best apps for new mums, the Baby Tracker app is one to download ahead of time. This newborn log is the all-in-one scheduling resource for new parents. This app is unique because it allows you to log details about your baby’s health and sync it to multiple devices without compromising privacy.

Designed by busy parents, for busy parents, Baby Tracker offers a simple, streamlined way to track your baby’s daily habits, health, and exciting “firsts” of those precious early days and months. Record feedings, nappy changes, and sleep patterns with a quick one-handed tap, then feel free to go back later and add details and even photos.

Baby Tracker makes it simple to track all of your child’s important information for doctors and caregivers, as well as share all the exciting milestones of his or her development with friends and family.

Perhaps most importantly, Baby Tracker handles all the details so you never have to take significant time away from the joys of parenting.




Hoop is one of the UK’s most loved family apps, with lots of activities and things to do for newborns to 11 years old, and all within your local area!

Hoop’s app and website are regularly updated with over one hundred thousand activities, searchable on Google maps.


Carol offers a solution to those feeling lonely in motherhood. Many of us move to new areas, live apart from our family, or just want to make new friends and value the support that only other mums going through similar experiences can provide. As well as connecting you with local mums in the area and helping you build your ‘village’, the app also provides free resources from experts on topics such as baby sleep, feeding and development, as well as groups to join to see what other mums are saying on topics that might interest you.

Everything you need in ONE place, and FREE.

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