It is so important for your child to get a proper night’s sleep not only for their physical development but for their mental health and wellbeing. Happy Beds is a proudly British, award-winning brand that specialises in creating comfortable, stylish (and often quirky) beds to make a room magical. To reiterate their motto ‘because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep’, we’ve prepared a list of the most comfortable, space-saving, cost-effective and stylish beds that will not only give your little one a good night’s sleep but also help to make your house feel like a home.

Single and stylish

The beauty of a single bed is that it provides a comfy solace in both small, compact rooms and larger more spacious rooms. Either way, a single bed will make the most of any space, leaving plenty of room for activities.

A trundle bed is a perfect option for those future sleepovers with friends, and Happy Beds has a fabulous selection of fun guest beds to choose from.

Milo White Wooden Mid Sleeper Kids Bed

Maximise your space with the Milo White Wooden Mid Sleeper. This bed has it all, from drawers and shelves to entire removable storage sections, saving floor space and allowing for personalisation depending on the needs of your child.

‘Customisable by design’, both the desk and ladder can be built on either side of the frame to compliment the layout of your room.

To inject a bit of creativity and fun, why not create a den or a secret hiding space for your little one to enjoy? This frame only takes up the floor space of a single bed and is so versatile in its uses. What’s more to like?

Pilot White Wooden Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed

Featuring a built-in desk, shelving and a spacious area for storage underneath, the Pilot Cabin Bed is very efficient in making the most of your space.

Its compact nature makes it the perfect bed for small cosy rooms and tiny toes.

There’s space for your child to sit and do some homework, colouring-in or letter writing, and the handy cubby holes will be perfect for their favourite books and toys to keep them close at hand.

Luna Grey Wooden Bed Frame

For those wanting to invest in a practical, no-frills bed frame, the Luna Bed is a traditional option offering plenty of space underneath for storage boxes.

This style of this bed will stand the test of time and is a great option to blend in with any room decor. The Luna is a bed that will grow with your child as time and styles change.


Tyler White Wooden Day Bed

The Tyler Day Bed is a perfect choice for those who would prefer a multi-functional element to their space.

Doubling as a small sofa or seating area with built-in shelving to display treasured belongings, small toys and books, this bed also boasts enough space for storage or even a trundle bed. In a sleek, contemporary design, the Tyler day bed is suitable for most sized rooms and is a great space for reading, working, colouring and playing.


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Maine White Wooden Bookcase Bed

The Maine Bookcase Bed does what it says on the tin. Featuring a built-in bookcase that could double as a shelving unit for bedside space, this design adds a dash of character to your room.

Featuring a large space between the floor and frame, this bed boasts the option of a pull-out mattress or extra storage space to keep the clutter at bay!

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds make the most of the space in your home by providing a safe sleeping area for a few or more of your children, and usually only takes up the dimensions of a single bed.

Bunk beds are a more cost-effective option than buying multiple beds and they are a perfect solution for smaller houses with less living space. Even if your house has enough space for your children to have a room of their own, in their younger years, sharing a room can promote a stronger bond between siblings, let’s face it – bunk beds are the ultimate in fun!

Orion White Wooden Storage Bunk Bed

With plenty of built-in storage space, the Orion Storage Bunk Bed also provides safety and security with a high lip on the top bunk and glow in the dark ladder strips built into the rungs.

Stylishly designed to appeal to children of all ages, this bunk bed presents an exciting sleeping space while maximising on both space and storage. A fantastic buy.

Barca White and Oak Wooden Bunk Bed

Complete with a built-in wardrobe, shelving and internal draw space, the Barca Bunk Bed is the master of spatial efficiency.

With a two-tonal neutral and contemporary design, this bed is a statement piece that diminishes the need for wardrobe space and is perfect for any decor. With storage solutions galore, the rest of your child’s bedroom can be used for play and toys!

Zodiac White Wooden Bunk Bed

Simplicity at its best. The Zodiac Bunk Bed provides a sturdy and simple design, allowing for unisex use and versatility with bedroom decor.

The lower bunk has a significant gap beneath the frame suitable for a trundle bed or storage solutions. Only taking up the size of a small single bed, this bunk bed will look great in a smaller sized room.

The Max White Wooden Combination Bed

This is possibly the bunk bed to end all bunk beds!

The Max Combination Bed literally grows with your child. With an adjustable framework, this bed can be built again and again to suit the needs and size of your child, making it the perfect long-term sleeping option and the most cost-effective.

Starting life out as a toddler’s starter bed, to a mid sleeper, an L shaped, a bunk, two singles and even a day bed, the options are both endless and accommodating. We think the Max Combination Bed is a brilliant investment.

Bibop Acacia Wooden Bunk Bed with Underbed Trundle

The sleepover bed of dreams. With a simple yet stylish wooden frame and storage solutions aplenty, the Bibop Acacia Bunk Bed with Underbed Trundle can sleep not one, not two, but THREE little ones!

Not only do the stairs double as shelving units, but the built-in handrail provides extra support than a simple ladder.

Any child would be lucky to have the Bibop in their bedroom.

Roomy Oak and White Wooden Bunk Bed With Storage Drawer

Featuring a storage pocket on the side of each bed for books and trinkets, the stylish, sturdy Roomy Oak Bunk Bed is a perfect starter bunk.

Designed in a neutral tone with a beautiful curved ladder, this bed is adaptable to any bedroom design. Complete with a spacious underbed drawer so that their clutter can be kept to a minimum. We love.

Themed Beds

Why not go all out and make a statement with a themed bed?

Not only does this create the ultimate fun space for your child, but it can also encompass their personality and promote the development of their imagination and creativity.

House White Wooden Bed

A house they can call their own. This fort-like, House-shaped Bed provides an exciting and stylish addition to your child’s room.

With a unique hollowed out, minimalistic frame your space is kept light and uncluttered and can be personalised to express personality. Why not add bunting, hanging decorations or wind fairy lights around the beams?

This dreamy bed helps to make bedtime relaxing, cosy and safe.

Mento White Wooden Treehouse Bed

The Mento Treehouse Bed provides your child with the ultimate in adventure and escape.  With its Peter Pan-esque style design, your child will never want to grow up!

Not only does this bed promote feelings of safety and security with a roof over your child’s head, a guard rail has also been incorporated to prevent falling out of bed in the middle of the night, which let’s face it, can happen a lot!

Campervan Bunk Bed

This funky Campervan Bunk Bed will allow your children to live out their American surfer dude dreams for sure.

This fun and interactive bed will have their imaginations running wild, and sleepovers will be remembered as legendary.

The bunk bed’s clever design incorporates maximum safety features to protect your child while they’re sleeping, and the built-in ladder is discrete and in keeping with the overall design.

London Bus Red Wooden Kids Theme Bunk Bed

Take a trip down Bond Street on the number 8 bus!

A bed that will make your children look forward to bedtime, the London Bus Bunk Bed will transform your space into an exciting, fun homage to British culture. Your child’s imagination will work wonders, taking in the sights from the top deck of their very own open-topped bus, or driving through the streets of London, a real adventure to remember.

Both bunks are built for maximum safety and feature exciting components such as a driver’s steering wheel, metal wheel alloys and a metal rung ladder. What’s not to love? I think this has to be our ultimate fav.

See something you like? Shop now at HappyBeds.



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